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NOYES JONES Children's Partial Lines, Descendants of Teague Jones Sr.

 Long, long ago, in an ancient land, our family was a beginning.  They obviously migrated over many rivers, streams, hills and mountains to get to the Ocean and come to the USA.

Research has taken me to a ships captain of an important ship that helped found the USA.
If the records are correct this man is our ancestor.  If not whom ever he/ she was they still had to endure many, many hardships and changes.

I pick up our line with very solid facts at Teague JONES SR. married to an Indian maiden, which took more than 50 years of research to finding the right data to verify this.  Rumor has always been spread in the tree that Teague's wife was of Indian heritage.

My first strong exposure was when I met a Nickerson Researcher in the early 1990's.  I also have something that was supposed to be handed down, down and down to verify her authenticity.
I sure hope I still have it.

Teague and Rahamana's daughter Rahamana married a Nickerson. With our exchange of information,
we felt strong about this link. Alas that Nickerson is now gone. Others have now taken his place.

We are from Teague and Rahamana's son Josiah Jones.
Teague and Rahamana had so far proven: Josiah, Rahama, Elizabeth, Samuel, Jeremiah and Teague Jr.
I am not totally sure which way her name and daughter's name is spelt. It seems there is a  different spelling with each family line. Her father was Pemaquid Abenaki{(Chief) Samoset.} .   I had thought he was grandfather. (a blog about this exists). Another research found this information.  They were of the Abenaki people.
This is shared by another descendant. {(He is from daughter Elizabeth whom married Samuel Bassett.
We have as her mother Wampanag ("Margaret," not really, Colonial name) eMattchee.) by distant cousin.
I have her birth 1624 death 1661 in Barnstable. Mass.} Teague born abt 1620 died abt 1683 Yarmouth Mass.  Barnstable area. 

Teague Jones and friend Richard Berry fought the Narraganset Indians with others, 28 Oct 1645, from Yarmouth. 

Having much more but do not wish to say more now.

Josiah Jones b 1652 Yarmouth, Mass d 1744 East Greenwich, RI.  6 children 4 dau, 2 sons
Josiah mar Elizabeth Berry, dau of Richard Berry and Alice. I have more.  ** to come later.

Their son Seth born 1693 Yarmouth Mass (RI)? died East Greenwich RI. Two stories have been found about the disagreement in Yarmouth and part of the family existing Yarmouth.  
Seth mar Priscilla Hamilton(Hamblin). Her mother was Elizabeth Wildes 1653-1718.
Priscilla b 1694ca.  Several children, one being Silas Jones Sr. much information.

Silas Jones Sr b 11 May 1721 Greenwich, Rhode Island m 21 Nov 1742 East Greenwich, RI.
Susanna SWEET b 3 May 1725  Greenwich, RI.  12 to 13 children. One child is a grandchild and many put him as son. Having all their names. 

The next in line is either Roscomb or Abel.  A letter declares Noel as his grandson but does not state his father. 

Abel is the oldest and I find our family near him for 30 years and after Abel's death the family seemed to meld away.
Others say Roscom/Ruscomb is the father. either one still takes us back to Teague.  

(A tip when writing a letter if you say your father please add the name) I spoke to Mabel Hewitt about this before her passing. Wish I had known these women better. Hulda Allen was the other huge helper. Besides Bennington Library, Renssaeler Co Historical Society, Town Historians, 2 were cousins of distance. RI Vital Records, Yarmouth Town Council Minutes, etc.

My distant cousin and( first a dear friend) before we learned related. Shirley Becker has a full tree on line called Plain Sweets. Think it was on Hope it shows up again. Years of research there by her. 

Noel Jones grandson of Silas and Susanna Sweet b abt 1785 near Albany, NY.  also  married a Susannah. We find them on the 1810 census. We find them in the Petersburg Court House Records saying they had Noyes Jones 1809. Something happens I do not find him again or her. I think Abel raised Noyes, census implies this.  Have much more on this.

Noyes Jones tombstone says 1808 for birth but court records said 1809 in his fathers hand. All other data the same.  married 1832 Mount Holyoke, Mass. (implied)  Some say yes.
Census included. Census also has conflicting info from each child. 

We know he died 17 April 1881 Chickasaw Co. Bradford border,  Iowa. I was told the home was on the county lines.  (That is another story about this family including my Dad).

Susan Madison b 24 March 1818 VT d 13 Feb 1881 Chickasaw CO. IA  Her family in VT used Mattison. I learned a year ago.  One census puts her brother near her for a short period in Iowa. Later found he went back to VT and his son went to Ny.

Now down to the so called Current generations:

Henry George*, Noel, William Harrison, Calvin Fay** , Jennie, Charles E, Arvilla, and Lucy Loretta.

Henry  G Jones* b 3 Sept 1834 Petersburg? Renssaeler Co. NY. (they lived on Jones Rd in Jones Hollow according to records)  He died 25 Sept 1912.  Iowa...wife Kathryn Kerns she died 1890.He remarried Mae J Stephens. more name issues but Carolin found data.  Will share. Also more sources listed in her note. MaudeMae Stephens  I have more data at this post.
Elsie Donalson  m John Miller, all the data I have. Except private story.  Dad remembered her always. 
Hubert  ????
Jesse Marion Jones b Nashua IA   d IA, wife Bernice Ruth Plants 21 July 1901 Beaver Ia. d 7 April 1984 . son Charles Edward and dau Alice Mae. Recently added his 3 daughters. 

Noel b 1835 in Renssaeler Co. NY is supposedly to have died in NY/Mass before they came to Ill. then IA. Or he elected to not go with family. I have spent 40 years looking for answers there.

*Carolin Forbes and Charles E Jones of Nashua are from the first born son.  Henry George and be aware some times they flip that name.

William Harrison Jones b1841 Renssaeler Co. NY, dcd at Stone River Battle, Tenn. 31 Dec 1862 where we almost lost Calvin. 
{William H. Jones (First_Last)
Regiment Name 36 Illinois Infantry
Side Union
Company H
Soldier's Rank_In Pvt.
Soldier's Rank_Out Pvt.
Alternate Name
Film Number M539 roll 46
Killed in Civil War Stones River Battle on Dec 31, 1862.  Refer to Calvin Fremont Jones notes for additional details.}  I have much more.Have CW Papers for he and Calvin.

Calvin Fay Jones** b 15 May 1843 Renssaeler Co. NY m 5 July 1858 Butler Co. IA to Hannah JulianYoung b 13 Sept 1850  Bellidere, Boone, Ill.  He dies 23 Sept. 1910 Nashua, IA. she dies 27 June 1941. Moorhead Clay Co. Minn.
Much data on Hannah. Cousins helped work on her line.
Calvin was in the same unit as William Harrison. Was mortally?wounded. Survived because found and nursed back to health after burying him in very shallow grave.  Long Story and he was blessed.

He is well sourced. Contact me for data.  pages and pages for almost all mentioned. I have a picture of him.  

Does anyone have the picture that hung in the hall of  Noyes and Susan's home in Nashua, IA. So far not found the kin that ended up with it.????

 Calvin and Hannah raised:
 Nora b 1870 May d Mar 1958 (I recall her death). m Iver Jepson whom was murdered in Fl at the saw mill he built. Have newspaper clippings. Dad had knowledge or her and was notified of her death.

George  b 1872 m Belle Fox minimal data on these files.  (my older computer died with 24,000 names on it.

Alva b 15 Dec 1874 Chickasaw Co. IA m 31 March 1897 d 30 Dec 1963, m Zelia Augusta Noble, 
children:  Hazel E.  married Charles GRITZNER,  lost the rest of data a descendant of line lives here in San Diego.  She also mentioned that picture. Some are/were in Cedar Rapids.

Walter E born 1880 m 22 Aug 1913 d 10 Dec 1946 Kenmare, Ward, North Dakota  married Elizabeth SPOONER, b 1882 died 28 May 1971 Minot Ward Co. ND. m 22 Aug  1913 St. Agnes Catholic Church, Kenmare, ND.
Children: 1. Ruth A  MOEN, 1915 North Dakota, died in Oregon
 2. Calvin  b 8 Oct 1918 Kenmare, ND, d 9 Feb 1996. Peoria, AZ wife Rene Devore,
 3. Fay Walter  b 4 Jan 1921 Kenmare, Ward, ND.  d 16 June 1993,  Peoria, AZ  married Lucy
(Lucy came to visit before Calvin and Fay died. They were looking for my Uncle Gerald Oliver Jones.  Her husband was in a home already with his brother with problems of older age. He is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co.  Minn.
I have communicated with a son and a daughter since we met in the 1990's. Also with Lucy until her death.  Toby Jones

LaMonte Earnest b 14 August 1882 Pearlrock, IA d 1 Feb 1939 m Lulu May Belle Torrey b 2 Jun 1884, d 19 July 1953. Sacramento, Ca
(Dad looked for his Uncle Monte all his life  knowing he was in NO. CA. somewhere near us.)
All of their children are now deceased. I was blessed to meet two of them. Dad met one.
4 boys and 2 girls.  I understand they are mostly in CA like my Dad's line.
I have names etc.  Will ask if I can share their living names with you.

Carl Fremont Jones last child of Calvin and Hannah Jones, my grandfather. b 10 Oct 1887 Iowa m
Victoria Mae Foulk (Ida) b 6 Nov 1897.  Washburn, IA m 18 Jan 1913 Albert Lea, Minn.
He died 12 March 1962 Casper, WYO, she died 9 Nov 1988 Cheyenne, WYO.  They divorced early. They had: Ray Dee Jones Sr, Etta Maxine, Gerald Oliver, Muriel,  Bethel L and Mary Jane dcd as infant.  They are all gone now also.
Ray was my Dad.

More to follow...  This is just a tidbit of data. Need help with some areas. But didn't want to confuse you when you read this.  * is your line ** is my line. Hope it helps to follow. Also we have done DNA tests on  my Dad's line.

Data is sourced, asked for it.  Susan Jones Pentico or or

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