Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Scott Family from Wheatland, Wyo Region 1944

Ok, We are trying to name them all. I suspect boy on the end is Mom's little brother whom died later this year.  I am not sure Or his  G.Uncle Dan's boy.
Cousin Andrew Quintana shared this with us.
Harrison Scott,  another Scott,( is this John)  Uncle Roy Hoffman, Aunt Pat, ? ,  Grandad Cecil L Hoffman,  G.Uncle Dan?
 G. Uncle Harrison's wife Elizabeth with Elizabeth and brother Warden in front.
Girl next to Uncle Roy unsure of????
Aunt Marie with I think her  two older boys,  Hartley and Eldon  ??
Maxine is this your Mom, Aunt Mae Hoffman  or Fern Scott Hampton. (Ella)
Grandma Inez Mae Scott in front of Grandad .
The boy next to her may be Raymond. ??? or Ralph Scott, Which means>>>>>>
This appears to be a Scott Family Reunion or maybe came for Raymond's funeral. He died in 1944,

>>>>>> William Frank and Beatrice Francis should be down front.

Can any other SCOTT identify these people. I know MOM could have. Ralph Scott also. Hoping Mildred Scott Larsen can or Dick Hoffman ( William Richard).Please contact SusiCP@cox.net or berdieda@msn.com

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