Friday, May 25, 2018

Grand Rapids Michigan and Genealogy

Yes, I made it to the conference. Chatted with some of my friends and family, learning many new thoughts.

As suspected, some of genealogical learning methods, thought of differently on this side of the Divide.

Attempting to master this computer device also.

Grand Rapids, Mi. Reminds me of home.   The architecture is so like much of Sonoma Co., Ca. ,
Especially Petaluma, Ca.  I saw homes that so looked  exactly alike, it makes me wonder how many in Petaluma, Ca came from this area of the USA.

Wondering if it was the time frame of development or people migrating that makes the development look so the same.

I would post pictures but not able to at this time, more learning needed.

Gerald Ford’s Museum, was a highlite for me..  Never been to a facility that highlighted a
President.  Alas no place to get postcards or mommento’s.

The  Grand River separated the Conference/Seminar area from the Museum.  We walked across the Grand River to go to a Open
House their.

We were entertained by a Choral Group.  We went up stairs and toured the alcoves of  documents, pictures, clothing, and multi other mommento’s.

Having taken a picture of the aircraft carrier named for him showing the planes that would have been aboard. The E 2-Hawkeye was on the catapult shown about to launch.  It was very exciting to see.

O yes, they had the Presidential Office furniture, flags, and so much more on display.

It would have been super had they had his lineage, displayed somewhere.  

Part 2 to follow'

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