Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Danette Janice Mielak, Cousin Shirley Becker's Daughter.

     At the end of July, a dear cousin's daughter went to live with the Lord.  Her battle with Cancer was done.  She was greeted by many family members that have gone before including her husband and other family members.

     I first met her at work many years ago, not knowing she was my friends daughter,  I met her Mother when we moved back from Hawaii  1970 and lived near our same church of worship and we worked Altar Society together.  Later Shirley  joined the Genealogical Society which I was a part of.

     Even later we learned we shared many family connections and many of them way back to Mayflower time period and before.

     Her children then invited me  to a special birthday party for my friend Shirley Becker and I met the bulk of  Shirley and Danette's family.  Learned a son had been my repair man and was not aware of connection.   The world keeps shrinking.

     Danette was instrumental in helping a one of our family members and we were excited to learn she would be watchful of them.

     Danette was a loving mother and a neat friend.  We hated to learn she was having serious health issues then to learn the of the struggles that were to be, broke our heart.  Not wanting to loose her but not wanting her to suffer in such discomfort was so hard.

     She was born 9 September 1958.  the year I graduated High School.  She had a great laugh and good sense of humor.  She weathered through many turmoils and tribulations with always a caring heart and soul.

     The Lord took her 30 July 2018.  Her body no longer under attack and Jesus to hold her in his arms.  

      Danette Janice Mielak, we miss you, we love you. Family you are all in our hearts and prayers.
Remember the good times and hopefully the sad ones will fade almost away.   May God Bless You Danette and all your Family members.

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