Monday, September 17, 2018

Mixed Emotions and Times

 Greetings all,  having been taught that Going Home to God is a happy time. I still find the death of loved ones a very hard pill (?) to digest.

Having at this point lost both my  parents and hubby's parents, it should be easier.  No our world has us all in a turmoil.  We put seriously injured pets to sleep. We can not put seriously terminal humans at rest. I do not mean non terminal but the very terminal that pain meds doesn't even help.

Major religious emotion.  Does God cause it or the Devil?

Any way this past week has been a heavy one.  I lost a cousin on Dad's side a Foulk descendant. So sorry to have him gone. We lost a cousin of our grandchildrens' family. Someone I wrote to often.
We lost my last living relative of the generation above me. William Richard Hoffman,

Uncle Dick was a very special human to me and my siblings. A World War  11 Paratrooper amongst other things. He was a husband and a father and grandfather and cousin & Uncle to many of our kin in Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, California, Nevada, Washington, AZ, Utah, Wyoming, Maryland and Florida and Carolina's.  For some of these he was a Great or Great Great Uncle.  Yes, he had medals and badges from the war. I remember him showing them to family one year.
O yes, he loved to fish and hunt when he was strong enough to do it. His last wish to me was to go fishing one more time this last June.

Do  you write something about your Aunt's and Uncles in your files for their tree information.?
Do you have a few pictures of them and their family?

 Often wonder what other members had of  Great Grandpa Frank Hoffman's life.  A great story, Mom shared one as did her siblings agreed with her.

 Uncle Dick's Grandfather was a man of many facets, he loved to  tease yet was serious when needed.  It is these little tidbits that make him more alive and then we can see traits of various ancestors if we have the tidbits. It makes it  so much more fun.

Give it a try.

God Bless All whom lost Family and Friends.


  1. Sorry to hear of your losses. Prayers for both you and your family.