Monday, February 1, 2010

Grandma Great Great's Monday Madness

When I was young my Grandfather Hoffman shared so much with me. Of course he shared more with my MOM. Now she is older than he was at death and she still can not recall the name of Grandma Great Great. She heard the stories more often than I and it seems Grandma Great Great is lost in time.

Fortunately, MOM and DAD insisted Granddad start writing names in the picture book or on paper so they would know whom they were. They were able to name many, many were already named but some alas were never resolved.

I tried the genealogical tree to see whom she may be. Somehow it does not work out right.
I am beginning to lean a different lineage for her since there were so many Duvall pictures in the book.

WE have pictures of Elizabeth Higgins, one younger one older tis not her and I do not think right generation. I do not have pictures of Catrouch (Catherine Fry) Huffman, Mary Henderson ? Higgins, Catherine Haines, Rosanna Ealy/Ely, Catherine Stollar, Elizabeth Ritchey or Jane Patterson. This is the generation I suspect he was referring to

These ladies all came from Fayette, Washington or Greene Co. Pennsylvania area at time of death. They were not all born there.

Because we have a picture of Jacob Duvall I have often wondered if it's Jane Patterson his wife. If we have a picture of Eli Duvall, it is an unnamed face in the book for his wife was Elizabeth Richey ie Ritchie etc.

That name Richey Ritchie is so far a dead end for me. I have not found a link to
Matthew Ritchie of Fayette Co. yet the Duvall's lived near them at times.

So who is this lady that I remember Granddad saying was part Indian and the reason
Grandmom would not allow picture book in the home. She has very long arms just like my MOM and she is obviously chewing tobacco.

Any one with lines of above mentioned names if her face is familiar please let me know. Maybe a Great Grandchild may look very much like her.

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