Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sentimental Thursday thoughts on the JONES's

I knew what I would write about for Thursday when I did the Wordless Wednesday post.

I am going to talk a bit about my Dad's family. I have yet to meet most of the people in the picture but have spoke to many of them on the phone and in email and on the JONES Page Ramon built for us to use.

Donald Jones is pictured with my Uncle (Gerald O Jones) and I (Susan Jones Pentico) on my front page. This is mostly his family (picture) for he is the last son of LaMont or Monte JONES son of Calvin Jones CW VET son of Noyes JONES and Susan Madison JONES.

Donald is a first cousin to my Uncle and my Dad(dcd) and their siblings. Ramon is a nephew to Donald from his sibling. Donald had several siblings and they have passed.

My Dad met one when he was working at the feed mill when I was in school in Petaluma,CA but alas we never got to visit them prior to his cousins' death. We did not have knowledge of the other siblings then, other than they existed in No.CA. also.

I am so blessed I was able to find this family, Dad looked for all the time and
knew they could not live far from us. When I found them we were blessed with Don coming to visit us and the families here in San Diego. He also went to my MOM's home even though Dad was gone then and he met some of my siblings.

Dad was right they were only over a few hills to the east and north of us for many many years.

Donald's Dad was my Grandfather's best friend (brother) and with the family rift growing they left their homes in IOWA and moved away. Grandad to WYO and many other ranges and Monte to the reaches of Northern California.

Great Uncle Monte & Grandad were racing horses and buggy when young and Monte was run over by the buggy and his back broken. He lived his life in the bent position from the incident. I would have loved to have met him but his life was short due to the
situation on his body. Grandad always spoke well of him.

Later as adults they had a dry goods store in Waterloo, Iowa. But there was unrest in some of the siblings families so these two young men took their families and moved away. I will say so did the others move away also.

I am thrilled to have had the chance to converse with my cousins and share experiences of life with them. One year I hope to get to the JONES REUNION,
alas this year we will have a 90th birthday for MOM and it of course takes
priority as it should. Fortunately my brother and one of his sons did go and enjoy the meeting of his 2nd cousins.

They are all in this picture and one of Don's nephew's is now gone also.

Thanks family for being family.


  1. I enjoyed your story very much!

  2. very cool i have signed up to follow this site. thanks for writing such kind words, i hope that one day we will get to meet.