Monday, February 8, 2010

John Morrow for Monday Madness

John Morrow b about 1793 possibly VA or KY, marries in Wayne Co. KY on 13 May 1820 to Patience Tuttle. Patience Tuttle is the daughter of James Tuttle and she was born in Elbert GA 1806. (1850 census says she was 50.)
Marriage records are proven. They also show on the 1856 Henry Co. IA also 1840 Henry Co. IA census. Data also at Iowa Gravestone.

John's data. I can not find death data or place for JOHN MORROW nor can I find his parents or siblings. There are other MORROW's in Wayne Co. KY which I am sure are related. I wonder whom the younger JOHN MORROW is probably a nephew.???? 1840 census Henry Co IA territory

he is between 50 -60 and she is between 30- 40
boy between 5-10 2 b 10-15 1 15-20 2 g under 5 1 5-10 1 10-15 1 15-20

Nathaniel Scott 1 2-30
Shadrack 1 -5 1 5-10 1 15-20 1 2-30 1 5- 60 1 g -5 1 5-10 {patience 40--50) 1830

there is another John Morrow in Wayne Co KY but he is younger.

John Morrow 1 under 10 1 under 30 female 1 under 40

Their daughter Rebecca MORROW marries John Scott, Shadrack Scott's son in IOWA proven.

Rebecca is born in 1821 Mercer Co. KY she dies in IOWA.

Other Children are: 12 Sept 1850 census Marion, Henry Co IA family No. 897

Grinsel H 20 m b KY

Harriet L 18 f b KY

Tillman P 16 m b Ky
Polly E 13 f b Tenn Need to follow Polly E MORROW and see what birth says
Louisa 3 f b IOWA

Iowa State Census shows 1 male 8 female 1 Militia and 4 total (last column)1854

John is gone 1850 -1854 both.

The irony is where is he buried. I found one in Henry Co KY but that could be any of the other JOHN MORROW listed in census of other ages. OR did he go back for some reason and pass while there. So far in family I have contacted has any knowledge of
JOHN MORROW and his family.

Ironic Grandma Scott HOFFMAN implied once or twice that MORROW was related to the Anne MORROW family of LINDBERG Kidnapping. She seldom put forth any information on the family so this was a very remembered comment.

Anyone out there with data on JOHN or any of his older children born after Rebecca in 1821.

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