Thursday, May 3, 2012

Those Places Thursday

Those Places Thursday

This morning between 9 a m and 12  noon, we traveled to many places, Bavaria, Estonia, Upper New York, Upper Maine, Germany, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Baja California, Mexico and Spain,  even New York City.

Yes these were the areas that the Beginners Class is looking at for information. All had very interesting tales to tell. Of course, Susi was right there saying," where for that name, we will talk later."

But there were others that had an interest in other names also.  MC KENNA, someone has McKenna,
GOODMAN, Davis, three seemed to have a DAVIS somewhere, SMITH. Yes, there were some of those too. LEWIS was another mentioned name. DUNLAP, BLAND in (Va), O'NEIL in New York City, Roff in NY, JOB and many others. O yes, Saunders in NY from  Mass. :>)

So it was a great morning had by all. Learning to fill out a Family Group Sheet and why. Then learning to fill out a 5 Generation Chart that works with the Family Group Sheet.

Members had early passports, German letters, pictures to share and in need of learning more about them.
Hispanic backgrounds and French, Canadian, English, Irish, Welsh, Germanic, definitely a bit of Prussian too, was added to the mix.

Some had done some research in the past and many had done no research but gathered data and wanted to know how to put it in Research Format.

A fun morning over all..

I am sure I missed many of the names mentioned but next time around they will be on paper and easy to capture.

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