Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Genealogy for Virginian's and Carolina Folk

Scanning through the mail, being exposed to new and different sources on a steady basis, this one seemed important to genealogy.

 I was pleased to learn about this article in the Science Daily, which often has data regarding genealogical matters.

 Hoping this is interesting for you also.

Old deeds, witness trees offer glimpse of pre-settlement forest in West Virginia

What a great way to help find the  long ago land boundaries and places and what the difference the land is with and without the trees.

Surely, without trees there is probably less water also. So an entire make up of the land can make some great changes.

 My friend Roberta Estes who has more than one blog has been doing some great digging up of data on some of the early lives of the Virginia, and Carolina peoples.  She tracks some great stories about some well known and not so well known Indian's of importance.

This piece describes the Buncombe County region that did at one time lie next to Tennessee. Haywood County took away that distinction but it is one of the gaps into the Blue Ridge Mountains.
This piece is bound to help those in early research years to maybe know where to look for more information.

You may want to follow Roberta on any of her blogs. This one comes from the Native Heritage Project.

 The Indian Path in Buncombe County | Native Heritage Project

On Sep 18, 2012, at 10:34 PM, Roberta Estes wrote:

Of course Susi, the more people we can help, the better.  So spread the


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