Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Research Topics That Crossed My Desk.

  Research Topics That  Crossed My Desk.

On the blog for the the Lemon Grove attendees and anyone else needing information I have been posting various links to various research sites.

Scan back through some past topics and find some great sources.

 Seems lots of good things are happening in the Scottish research department.
 Having received another site to look at yesterday. Thinking I was exposed to this site before but tucked  it away and  forgot to share it.

It is a mix of information on Scotland and it's ancestry. 

Then Dick Eastman brought up an interesting topic. With the way the Internet and Computer
Systems are changing I can really see this being a potential problem. Recalling they recommended 
putting your pictures on a CD, preserve them forever. Yes, they are preserved, but will you always be able to access them?

No idea how long is forever, was going to be and when the system changes you can no longer see the CD. So the topic Dick Eastman brought up was a valid one. To read about it follow this link.

Having blogs and a website on the internet. It was a very interesting topic.

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