Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Not

Memories of my Aunt.  Muril Jones Collins Isrealske

Aunt Muril was a sister to my father, Ray Dee Jones, Sr.   I am told I met her when I was very small.

 I remember her on our visits to Colorado and I recall them visiting us during the War in Petaluma, CA., many years earlier.  She was married to Uncle Joe (Jack Collins).  I can not remember the stories I was told about his War Service but some of it was definitely not good.  I remember my Uncle got me a GI Joe doll. Nothing like what you see today. Mom said I went no where with out my Uncle Joe doll.

Muril and Joe had two lovely girls, a wee spoiled at times but great cousins. (Gee, are not we all spoiled a bit by our parents.)
One girl married and had two girls, marvelous young women. I have known them since they were young. They have their own families now.
One girl married but no children.  Lots of fun and she showered her Mom with lots of love and attention.

My Aunt, is now gone. She passed last Friday.  Her burial services are today.
Uncle passed many years ago.

 I will miss her for we spent many hours on the phone over the years. Fortunately I have cousins I can talk to now.

Love you all.