Friday, April 12, 2013

In Memory, Ray Dee Jones Sr.

Dear Dad,

Wanted you to know, I have been chasing your Dad's family, with a modest amount of success.

The family has many hundreds of interesting tales. The most fun has been meeting my second  and your second and third cousins, etc..

My family, has met  one of your Uncle Monty's son's. We shared a B B Que at Don's  one year..
He also met your brother,  I have shared many conversation's, with other grandchildren of Great Uncle Monte.

We have met kin from Great Uncle Walter, an older brother, of Grandad's, Having conversed  with,
Down line kin of Great Aubt Nora,sharing pctures and information.

We only have one sibling we have not communicated with kin of yet,

We met down line from Great Great Uncle George, Great Grandad Calvin's older brother.

We are missing who Noyes Jones Grandfather is. We found Noyes Jones's father. He was a Noel Jones, Mother was a Susanah.

While all this happened, other things happened too.  I pray all is well with you.  You are deeply missed, and loved to.  Oh, Did Mom kick your butt, like she said she was going to for leaving her behind?  May you walk with the Angel's now and always.

Deceased 12 Dec 1995

Teague Jones is our beginning here, his father was a ship's captain of some fame, as was his father.

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