Sunday, April 14, 2013

Writing Family Stories and Remembering Family

The fun has begun. This is probably the fourth book that I have started and have yet to finish but one.
 When doing genealogy one has to decide, I think, to know when and how much you may want to write  about. So I have made some new rules for myself to follow.

 1. Pick the person or topic.

 2. Decide the time line of the articles to be  written.

 3.  I suspect one should know the subject well enough to do this next step.
  3a.  Determine how many chapters will it take to get the message out there.

 4.   I think that is what I was missing before. If you have much knowledge on a subject, person
       one should be able to determine the subtitles of the topic.

 5.   I did this for a short story and it seemed to hold up quite well, I suspect the same applies to a long 

 6.   Remember the days of outlines, O yes those dreaded outlines so you did not miss what you wanted
        to say.

 7.   Choose Title, Theme

 8.   Organize your data to keep you centered on the topic. A must I find to stay on topic.
       (To many side stories, and names)

 9.   You may want to do outline of a group sheet, to keep it in control.

10.  Start, it is just words, they can be erased, moved, added and embellished
       with pictures.

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