Saturday, July 6, 2013

54 Years and Still Going, WHOOOPEEEEE

54 Years and Still Going, WHOOOPEEEEE

Yes we made  it, 54 years and 1 day past now.

Thanks to how our parents raised us, to God for the gifts He has given us.  Thanks to us for listening and taking advise at times we probably did not want to.

Thanks to the children we have. Thanks to all their families and children and grandchildren.

Yes, we are Great Grandparents of one boy and one girl.  HOOT HOOT.

Thanks to our friends and additional family over the years for support and care in times  of good and bad.  Some was really bad or so we thought.

 It tickles the husband because his brother had all boys and we had 3 boys and two girls.
 We have ten Grandchildren eight boys and two girls.

Thanks for letting me share.  Marriages can last but they are work. Glad I did not miss it.

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  1. Happy anniversary! On the day you posted this is was half-way across the state at my sister's house to help her and my brother-in-law celebrate their 60th anniversary. We have a lovely family get-together which we will all remember for a long time.

    I hope your anniversary was just as happy.