Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Remembered

The Fourth of July was always remembered by our family.  From quiet activities to sparklers and a few small firecrackers if allowed in the neighborhood we lived in.

Out on the ranch the sparklers were all we were allowed.  Firecrackers scare animals and can cause them major harm.

Last night a family member had damage to his animals in the barn from early firecrackers and he lost an animal this morning.  Not very nice neighbors out in the country where animals are. It was implied the objects were larger than firecrackers.

Knowing my daughter always brings the dogs in and holds them when the noise starts. It can damage ears of the animals and small animals can have serious side affects. Litterally, die of heart attacks.

Most do not think of it just their want to make big noise and whorahhh.

We would have a picnic or BBQ and we shared baseball games, and board games in the evenings.

If allowed, we had sparklers.  Some of our homes areas did not allow them.

I set here now in a community that does not allow firecrackers or other devices and have already counted 20 incidents of sound and pops.

Love to go to a Firework Display Show and see the different patterns of light and design in the sky but hate to have animals harmed. Let alone the grass fires they cause in this region due to being so dry and yellow white grass, un mowed and easy to catch fire.

Many times we would go to the beach and have bonfires and roast marshmellows and hotdogs, back then we could let the small firecrackers with adult assistance.

We shared food with our neighbors and had fun.  Needless to say, Strawberries were a course served on this day, either with Chocolate cake or as shortcake, lots of fresh whipped cream to share around also.

Wishing all a safe Fourth of July and remember the animals besides the people if your going to play.

It has been known to lower milk production, chickens laying eggs less, dogs having permanent hear troubles.  Stick with sparklers.

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