Saturday, July 13, 2013

Surname Saturday,,,, Scott in Virginia with ties to Canada and Mass.

Thomas Scott's family is expanding.  Slowly, quietly it is growing, two others found the brother and sister of Thomas.  Maybe with three names we will find the parents of Thomas this next year.

It is interesting that we tie to SCOTT in Mass, Canada and Illinois in that order for the other line. This came about via DNA testing.

Theory, (Mine) is siblings went to different ports of entry in the 1700's ? maybe the 1600's. Since I already have SCOTT with KIMBALL in New England earlier than this. Relationship totally unknown.

Today on MyHeritage I found links to: Star Scott, Wayne Kinney, salterc, Ginny Moberly and two others.  I did not accept a couple because the names are common and the parents were not listed.  Thoroughly suspect they are kin. If they say they have  not found that information then I will gladly share. The more eyes and ears searching the better chance of people finding results.

That is how we untangled the other Scott siblings of Thomas.

I learned the names of other children that I had not yet confirmed.

So why have a blog(?) Randy Seaver was asked today at our meeting,  the answer is to resolve and solve our problems and find answers to the situations.  Best is to meet new family and learn more about ourselves.

Thomas Scott born? VA? about 1735-40  married and had children by 1761, actually think first child born in 1750's.  Wife Susanna Payne, was in Halifax Co. VA.  After his death the area became known as Pittsylvania Co.,VA.  I am descendant of John and Sophia Murry through Shadrack and Harriet Lewis SCOTT, down, down, down, down to myself.

Gladly share and exchange data located and have.


  1. Susi-I read where you posted an Ann Scott is a sister to Thomas Scott. Who is the brother to Thomas that was found thur DNA?

  2. I will pull up the Scott folder and get a response to you. YDNA has been found verifying information. That is how we found each other did tests. We had communicated years ago but the proof was not found until the Ydna was done. Then we relinked. I also have the Scott book done by Kenneth Scott on the family and have added many pages of data via surviving kin on line.

  3. I have sent to RichardDale_J who responds to me on Ancestry.