Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Letter, Time to gather the Notes

Time to gather the notes and prepare the Christmas letter.  Families like to know what others have been doing, are doing and plan on doing.  We have lost so much contact with our families in this modern world of Techie stuff.  We have also gained so much in contact in this new communication world.

Not remembering when it started for me, but think it was as a preteen, Mom had us write a note to our Grandparents telling them what we had done in the last year because we were so far away. Trips home were about every 3 to 5 years depending on income and health of all involved.

Home was S E Wyoming. Wheatland area and Casper and up to Greybull where I was born for Dad's side of the family.

So when the cards went out our letters or notes went in to our Grandparents.  I recall I also wrote to my Great Grandmother (Eastman)Foulk Archer.   Those letters were priceless to me. The moving company lost them when we moved to Hawaii. They also lost most of the letters my husband wrote me when he was overseas and the letters we received from his family up to that time. His family was a wee older than mine in age.  He  lost much of his kin before I lost mine.

Having been given copies of letters my 5th Grandfather Henry Hoffman wrote  to his family in Iowa from Greene Co. PA to share with the children that lived there. I cherish them very much.  GGreat Grandfather Sanford, his brother Hauge and sister Phebe all lived in Monroe - Appanoose Iowa area.
So the letters were shared.  Some times things were added to them and sent back a second time.

Mom inherited a Currier and Ives Document that Henry Hoffman filed out and one that son Sanford filed out. He was our direct line.  I was hoping to get a good copy of them to share with family. I believe my brother Ray Jones Jr has them. My pictures did not turn out well.

Henry listed his wife and children, marriage and birth of all his children on that document. Sanford did the same on his.  I suspect that each child may have received on.

So gather a tidbit from each month, good or bad and share with kin. Make the card a worthy endeavor instead of just a Blessed Christmas /Happy New Year Event.

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