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52 Weeks down 2,,, Thomas SCOTT, Halifax Co. Virginia

Thomas SCOTT born 1730 (?) unknown where or when.  1730 is a guessed date due to other events.
Thomas Scott died 1767 Halifax Co. VA.  Will Printed below.

The will of Thomas Scott of Halifax Co. was written on 25 January 1767 (Halifax Co. Will Bk. O, p. 215-216). Thomas Scott being very sick and week but in perfect mind and memmory ordaineth this his last will and testament that is to say first of all I devise my land where on now I live the hole tract may be sold for money to pay all my just debts and the remaining part of the price of the land may be aplyed to the necessary support of my family. Next it is my will and desire that my wife Susana Scott may have negro girl filis with all my other movable goods also all my chattels of every kind for the support of her self and my children in during her lifetime and at her deth what is remaining to be equally devided amongh my children quantity and quality and I do hereby appoint constitute and ordain Francis Brandon with my well beloved wife Susana Scott my only and sole executors in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written Signed Thomas Scott and Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Nathaniel Ayers, George Roberts, William Payne.
At a court held for Halifax Co. 19th day February 1767 the within written last will and Testament of Thomas Scott Decd. was exhibited in Court by Francis Brandon Executor and Susana Scott Executor therein appointed who made oath thereto according to law and the same was proved by the affirmation of Nathaniel Ayres, William Payne two of the subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded and the said executor and Executrix having together with Nathaniel Terry? Gent. their security entered into and acknowledged bond as the law directs on their motion. Certificate was granted them for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form. Tese. Robert Munford Clk. Truly recorded Test. R. Munford Ck.?
The inventory of the estate was probably made in May 1767 (Halifax Co., Va., Will Bk. O, p. 226-227).
The inventory of the estate of Thos. Scott decd. This is followed by three lines of inventory that can’t be read from my copy. The value of each item is given at the end of the line. Because of the way the next page is copied, about three lines are omitted at the top of the page. To. 1 pan; To. 8 spoons and 1 churn. To. 3 axes, 2 how, 1 mattock, 1 wedge, 1-----, 1 pinchers?; To. 1 sining wheal, 2 other wheals, 16 whole stick?; To. 1 parl button & ? –potrach?, 1 g-----; To. 3 –2 saddles; To. 4 sheep, 1 black mare; To. 1 set of plow irons; To. 1 ---- ---- mare, 1 black horse; To. 5 geese; To. 2 hens?; To. 5 cows with yearlings; To. 4 bells; To. 1 Box iron cups and ----- 1 lock; To. 2 chests of books; To. 9 chairs, 1 conk shell; John Lawson, William Brandon, John Colwell. At a court held for Halifax County the 18th day of June 1789, the written inventory and appraisement was ---- ordered to be recorded. Test Robert ---- (probably Munford).

This man was learned because of two chests of books. 
Many imply wife Susana may have been a Payne. Some strongly feel that Susana was Lurana. I read the written Will and it looked like Susana to me.  Much research has been done but nothing to indicate father of Thomas, yet to be discovered. Though I found papers that named two brothers of Thomas Scott.  It seems everyone on the right path but the pieces are not complete.

There is probably a William Scott, James Scott and Robert Scott as siblings of Thomas. These names are again used in his children.  Various court cases brings out different data and names.  These names carry down to the generation before myself.  A lot of un resolved issues with my Scott family.

When Ken Scott did the book somehow he missed looking in Halifax, Co. VA for Thomas's Will. What find that was. 

I am from John Scott married to Sophia Murray (Murry). 

Lunenberg Co. was the name of the area before Halifax Co.  then Pittsylvania Co..

Son Nimrod  Sr. was born 1755, Jacob was born 1757 died 1835,  Anne 1758 died 1840, 
John* born 1761 Halifax/Pittsylvania Co. VA  married Sophia Murry(ay) b abt 1761?, served in 5th Reg of the Virginia Continental Line. Military Discharged from the Military 1782.  DAR RECORDS.

  He owned 175 acres in Pittsylvania Co., VA. 

Nimrod Scott                                         163
William Richardson                             76
Daniel Slayton                                      400
Robert Martin                                       130
James McMunday                               300
Rhoderick McDaniel                            100
William Madding                                 140
Faunious Dodson                                100
James Madding                                    176
James Adams                                        374
Jonathan Weldons’s Orphans           250
Rubin Watkin’s Orphans                    180
Pleasant Shields                                   230
John Hall Senior                                   175
Nathaniel Murry                                   230
William Murray                                    175
John Scott                                             175
Jeremiah Stimpson                               192
Euramus Stimson                                 122
Robert Stimpson                                  123
Daniel Everett                                       275

Scott, Bazel

Scott, John

Scott, Nimrod

Scott, Simon

Seal, James
They moved to Old Cherokee Nation, Cumberland Co., KY  where he died 24 March 1843. 82 years.

Shadrack SCOTT* son of John b 22 Feb 1790 Pittsylvania Co. VA, died 11 Nov. 1850 Henry Co. , IA.

Looking for anyone who may have inherited other data to help clarify the siblings and parentage of Thomas Scott. 

 I do have more tidbits that tie many of the names together but not the data we are in need of yet.

After Thomas Scott death his wife remarried to a Smallwood Marlowe. He again remarried about 1786 so she was probably gone prior to. Smallwood Marlowe did not give the children their inheritance that was give into hands to prevent trouble, which ended up being trouble. Nimrod, being 21 sued. 

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