Friday, January 24, 2014

TidBits from our Web Page, SouthWest PA DuVall -4 of 52 Weeks.

We started this site in mid early 90's.  It needs more work which happens when my cousin is not competing with her health issues.  Decided people may be missing lots of information that is up here.
We have two sites but will only work on one today.  
Originally all the trees here were proven then we opened it to cousins and kin to help fill them out and they did not all site there sources. Ours are moved to the second site due to running out of room.

Our Family Histories

Duvall Family Link Page
    Link to view the Duvall Coat of Arms Duvall Histories, Beer's History, 2 parts For Duvall Land Documents, Immediate family Duvall Wills for Immediate family Duvall Abstracts-Belmont County, Ohio Duvall History, Fayette County, Pa Susi's Wish List: Pattersons and Duvall (duplicate link) Duvall Dar Records 6 parts Other Duvall Family pages For Charles Duvall For Eddy Duvall’s page and More Sharon Duvall's Page For pages of Cheri Edward Duvall and his master index
I have attended DuVall Reunions in Torrington, Wyo with my parents in the 1990's.
I also attended one in the 1980s with them. My brother went to another one with them.
I have recently learned the parentage of Jane Patterson and her heritage back to Ireland.
I still have no proven parents for Elizabeth Ritchey, Ritchie,my other ancestressthat married into my other Duvall line. I am a Duel lined Duvall and maybe even a tri line farther back in France.
My goal is to reach the waters before I do major European research.
If you just scan the titles you will see there is much research done and shared.
Coal Mines, Land, Wills, Deeds and other items that are part of our research.
Massoit DuVall w Margaret D' Orbin, todays Dubin, Moreen Mares Duvall, Capt John Duvall w Elizabeth Jones, (father Capt William JONES), Alexander Duvall 1, Alexander Duvall 11 wife Abigail Powell, boys Eli and Jacob Duvall on down to myself.
The boys Eli and Jacob's children married and moved to Iowa from PA. Their wives were Elizabeth Ritchie and Jane Patterson.
Somewhere I had Alexander's Mothers name have to relocate it. Took me years to find Alexander ! his father. Long story there.

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