Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goals, Hoffman/Huffman/ Jones/ Myers/ Wright/ Berry & Scott.

 Yes my basic goals are set.  Working on my files, brought these names to the top to play with in random order this year.

  If I can locate and talk with more Jones kin maybe a blank can be filled in. Or maybe the portraits of Noyes and Susan Madison JONES will be located.

   The Huffman/Hoffman files have sat with little additions on the early years.  Uncle has come up with new information for me to hear so will have something to digest and see what fits where.  I know Lloyd Roupe had John Huffman/Hoffman's data and he was Henry dcd 1812 father.  A letter written in 1830's and sent and found in Ohio trunk states that John's father was also a John.    That brings up what cousin in Bay City, Michigan has already found.  Their was three + boys, we know John,  George and Henry.  So was this John is the same as sibling or as parent?  I have no idea which.

  Myers, well that is a stumper big time for more than 50 people for more than 70 years.  Hoping to take a different approach and ask for my Ydna samples from various Myers, Meyer's, Meiers, Mohr to find the answers.  If you have any of those variants please contact me. Caroline and I are working hard to find a few real answers.  Bible says Philip to Valentine to John born in Dauphin Co. about 1809.
Church records reveal different data regarding birth, suspecting first John died and last born was renamed for first born.  Also suspect family story has many errors in memory.  If you have any records regarding Myers/Blessing/ Blessingers/Folk,Foulk,  please also contact us.

Wright is  very early for me. It is also very recent since my nephew is a Wright.  Jesse Wright was born 19 Nov 1749 in Hillsborough, NH ? I had found it earlier as Mass. .  Have more research to do on that.
His wife was Abbey Cook b 1739 d 1784. His death was 10 March 1834,  Guilford, Piscataquis, Maine. Their daughter was Hannah Wright married Abraham D Young Sr.

Jesse Wright, of Dracut, settled in 1774 on the lot now known as the Davis Nevens farm, which he bought of Bagley and Little, May 29, 1774, for "three pounds of lawful money." The deed, still in existence, was acknowledged before Stephen Longfellow, of Portland, and witnessed by Nathan and Jonas Coburn. Mr. Wright's first log house was just east of Meadow Brook. His brother Joel and Timothy Wright came about 1777.   
I found in New Hampshire Birth Records, Early to 1900, records of Jesse and Joel Wright, both born 19 Nov. 1749, and Timothy Wright, 2 Aug. 1744, all born in Pelham, the children of Jonathan and Abigail Wright. Three earlier children of Jonathan and Abigail were born in Dracut, so the family seems to have moved across the border to New Hampshire in about 1742-44.

It looks like Jesse Wright was from Dracut, Mass., and/or Pelham, N. H. From Elder's History of Lewiston,        Chris Dunham

 Berry is early for me, but have recently learned another direct descendant on the female side is also a Berry.  So I am duel enforced Berry early.  Also interested in Berry because it is attached to THE LOST COLONY.  Also to Jamestown in Virginia.  If you watch data on The Lost Colony you will learn the names of those lost and how many of those names show up in Jamestown and even later they show up in the Pilgrims in Mass.   I am a descendant of Richard and Alice Berry of Mass of England.

  Scott has proved very intriguing in where it can be found. Yes, Lost Colony, Halifax Co. Virginia, New England, Jamestown etc.  DNA has connected Halifax Co. VA 1740  to Canadian, New England Scott line.  Thinking different ones ( same family) arrived in different places.


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