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52 Weeks - Thomas Fuller

Following the theme of 52 Weeks of Surnames, and finding this lineage appropriate.

Tonight was the OSCAR's and the best film made me think of this family.   How many of us have
family in this time frame in our files? Does this film make you flinch and realize what our ancestor's really lived through?  Sometimes a film or two comes along that can take you back to touch on the way  lives were lived, in the earlier time period.

Thomas Fuller was born about 1750 in Washington Co., Maryland.  From the few records I have found.  Not found what I really wanted to yet.

Will dated 28 August 1823 Wheeling Township, Guernsey Co. Ohio  He passes 17 March 1824,  aged  74.  Will Book A P.103  1812-1842  (wonders if probated same day as death, maybe death was just before 24th) But it is winter and maybe it was quickly done.

Ohio Land purchases  file Fuller  Ohio P 133
Ohio Landholders 1806-1810  by Foraker  Ft. Wayne Lib 1991 Thomas Fuller

US government to Thomas Fuller  NE 1/4 of S18  T4 Guernsey Co. OH  , 160 ac.
Nov 18, 1812 rec Vol J 23

sons were Joseph , James Sr, Thomas Jr and John  proven

Joel?  Jacob was not? on Matthews page these names were shared. ??

He marries Lydia Hayes.  She was born 1751 as near as I can find, not proven.  She dies 1817.

I am looking for proof he was in Rev. War,  since the government gave him land in Ohio.
 He had several children.
Joseph, James Sr.*, Thomas Sr.and John  are proven,  other kin say Joel and Jacob are also children.

James Sr*, b 20 Jan 1769 Maryland,  dies 30 Jan 1842, Peoria, Peoria Ill USA.  He marries Catherine she is born 1777.

Children are:   Thomas R 31 May 1798 Linton Hundred, Washington Co. MD, Margaret 15 May 1801Washington Co. Maryland,  Susannah b 11 Sept 1802, Elizabeth, Joseph, William (Billy), James H.,  George and Alexander.

3 girls and 6 boys.

Margaret was born 15 May 1801, Washington Co. Maryland, she dies on 29 Dec 1897, Madrid, Boone, Iowa. USA.  Her sister Elizabeth is born 1803 in Ohio. Joseph 1804 Guernsey Co. Oh, William Billy Fuller 1810 Oh

 Margaret's is buried near my husband's family in Boone Co. Iowa.
She is married 5 Nov 1818, Guernsey Co., Ohio to Samuel WARDEN.

Samuel Warden is born 17 Oct 1795 Huntingdon Co. PA.

They have 6 boys and 4 girls known.  Our line continues with middle son Daniel Warden.

Samuel Warden dies 18 Aug 1884  Grant City, Worth, Mo, USA  1850 census says Samuel is 63 and born in PA..

Would love to learn more on Thomas Fuller & James Fuller's wife Catherine. Also need to work on Lydia Hayes sometime.

Having a Fuller line in Virginia that goes back to the Mayflower Fuller made me curious if this line also does.

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  1. I'm trying to find documentation that my Mary Fuller who married William B. Maple in 1800, Coshocton, Ohio is the daughter of Thomas Fuller and Lydia Hayes. Not sure if you've found anything.