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52 WEEKS of Surnames Huffman/ Hoffman

John Hoffman b 1687  about in Germany. Died America

John Hoffman  b 1715 Maryland  d 1776 or near then?  relooking for Will, this from memory
wife Anne .   Some Records say he was born in Zwelbroken, Germany. ??He died Berkeley Co. VA.

All data on PAF for MAC on older machine.

had: proven: John, Henry, George, Rudolph  others
Have much data on these.

Henry* is  my line b about 1740 Maryland died winter( Dec) of 1811/Jan 1812 Will proven/read.
Have in possession WILL/Probate.  Land Records, Sale of Land in Virginia bought from brother George. etc Place of birth on tax papers he filed to sell Sheep. Though I know he was in Berkeley, Virginia for a period of time.

Henry may have had a wife before Mary Provator (Prather), whom he divorced.  He went back to Berkeley, Virginia area and met and cohabitated with Catrouch (Catherine) Fry.  Family story says he jumped the broom because of Catherine's Indian heritage.   Catherine's father was Abraham Fry.
She was born abt 1770 Virginia died around 1845 Greene Co. PA.
Looking for more information on her background and family.  Lloyd Roupe has some good information.
Very probably had daughter by Mary P.  ( long story here)

With Catrouch (Catherine) these are names of known children by me.

 I have proven:

Nancy Huffman 1793-1855 B Virginia died Ohio
married a  David Stewart moved to Monroe Co. Ohio  
Died there with many children. Lots of Data

Philip b 1794-1866  Virginia  d Ohio  mar Letitia Stewart sibling of David and Daniel Stewart.
Several children in Monroe Co. Oh. Lots of Data

Jacob 1795-1877 b Virginia died Ohio married Nancy Mitchell b 1799-1876 , dies Oh. From  Memory she was born in PA.  (A cousin in the CVGS wrote about about the Mitchell Family. He has been gone for more than  ten years. He is buried in Bonita, CA).   Down line of cousin Betty in Long Beach, CA.

family then moved to Greene Co. PA from VA

Joseph b 1801-1864
He was the first born in Greene Co. PA after Henry came back to PA.   Marries Sarah Hunt.  This is Helen Durbin's line.  much data on our web page.
Hoffman-Huffman Link Page

*Henry Joseph Huffman 1803-1879 b Morris Twp, Greene Co. PA marries Elizabeth Higgins (dau of Joseph Higgins), boxes of information, my line. Picture posted on Greene Connections on Facebook.  marries 9 April 1826 Greene Co. PA

Also on this blog.

Rezin, (Reason) b 1805-1839  m to Mary Jewell 1809-1891. Have picture of Tombstones and information in files before computer.

I have also the names of Abraham, b 1789,  Sarah b 1790, Margaret wife of John Loos and Benjamin.

Census says two more girls.  A record in Philadelphia mentions the name of Benjamin. as son also. I have not proven this yet.  I like to use three sources as a minimum.

*Henry and Elizabeth's children:

Mary 1827- m John Henderson  this is Violet and Zenia Gilbert's line plus others.

Reason b 19 May 1828   m Rhoda Stewart, I have seen their remains of a home.  lived Greene Co. PA

Brice Huffman  1829  -        marries Keziah Hickman  many children lots of data. lived Greene Co. PA

Hague b 1831-   1902       marries Julia  Roberts, after he had traveled the west and moved to Iowa. Much data
                          He becomes a Doctor. He and wife divorce,  2 known children

Cathrine  1833-  marries Jacob King had 6 known children. After Jacob's death she marries a MR. Dodd and lives Metz, WVA.  Letter written in her hand.

*Sanford  b 1834 d 1903 served in CW as a HUFFMAN and changed name per father's request to HOFFMAN which was family name in Germany.(long story) married Rachel Plants much data.
Data in letter.  My Line.

Elizabeth b 1837-1839.

Martha  b 1839  marries first Jacob Gallentine after his death / disappearance she marries William RHUM /RHOME. Oldest daughter Mable takes control of land at Martha's death because William did not want to raise her and Jacob's children.  Jacob was in CW. She died 1881.

Laton/Layton E b 1840- 1871 Served CW, came home Christmas to ask for hand in marriage and died the  morning he was saddling horse to go to her house, the day after Christmas. Have letter his father wrote about standing there watching him saddle horse and him dying.  Heart Attack

Lucy  b 1842  marries Uriah Spragg she dies in 1939 in Waynesburg, PA

Phebe Ann b 1834  died 1904 Moravia, IA husband was in War with her brothers badly injured and moved to Iowa for brother Hague to care for him. Thomas H Neal.

Margaret  b 1847- 1870 Greene Co. PA.    Thomas Evans   rock was thrown of side of hill into his head on way home from school meeting and he died about 5 days later in extreme pain screaming almost the entire time from injury to death.  In letter . The man did not like Thomas vote at school meeting.    Ch: Libby and Perry Evans.

Mason born 1849  May 2 died  2 Dec. 1849  

Henry born 1849/50 died before next census.

Sanford and Rachel Plants Hoffman had 7 children:  1st child died in PA, buried Windy Gap Cemetery. Have picture of her asleep or laid out.  Franklin C is my line.  2  young adults die before marriage.

Franklin b 1860 walked behind wagon train when they moved to IOWA.  m Samantha Duvall
He lived in IOwa and died in Wheatland, Wyo his body sent home on train.  He died the month before I was born.

He and Samantha Abigail had 3 living children:  Robert lived in IOWA, Grace whom moved to Wyo and married her sister in law's, Brother.  Daniel Scott , and Cecil whom married Inez Scott.

Cecil was my Grandfather. He marries Inez Mae Scott.   Dorothy was My Mom. She had 6 siblings.

I personally knew the family from Cecil and Inez and many of the Scott's. I loved Great Uncle Dan, Grandma's brother a lot. He told so  many great stories about the family. A very large tall man. I met almost all of Grandma' Inez siblings.

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