Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones, We Miss You

You will like to know your not forgotten and we miss you a very great  deal.  We are so happy you
were able to spend our 50th with us. It is hard to believe our 55th is coming up.

We miss your rhubarb pie, your smile and contagious laugh.  The use of Chocolate drops to curb a cough. Even using a bit of Brownie to take the tickle out of the throat.

The fact that your Dr found a nasal drop that stopped your snoring.  LOL we thought you had died because we did not hear you snore during the night.  What a relief it was to learn the drops did the trick, Dad would have been shocked.  We  tiptoed to your room several times that first night when there was no snoring.

We miss Dad too. We trust your together and enjoying your new future.

Born 29 June 1920 in Little Bear, area Wyoming to Cecil Leroy Hoffman and Dorothy Inez Scott Hoffman.  Married 3 September 1938 in Wheatland, Wyoming.

Worked at Morris Thomas's as a Cook assistant while Dad was a Wrangler there. Moved to Diamond Tail Ranch, Greybull, Wyoming. Worked on the ranch helping Mrs. Flitner.  Dad was a Ranch Hand,
broke broncs and did ranch work.

 I was born and after the War started, we moved to Petaluma, California to assist Dad's sister and her husband and family.  Mom's health at that time was not good. The California climate helped her to become active again and lead a great interesting life.  Taught 4-H sewing and cooking, raised large gardens, canned, froze and butchered most of our daily meals. You made awesome bread and cinnamon rolls.  Dad loved your pies. I suspect we all did. We would argue over which kind to make.
You taught us all how to roll out pie crust, and  biscuits, make white and brown gravy and applesauce cake.

You taught us to reach out to our family,  Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, and you taught us much about our families past.  For that I thank you.

She had four living children and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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