Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Traveling Tuesday---- Back in Time

A time machine was not needed to go back in time, but the photographs and notes and letters shared did a good job of remaking the event.

My Mother's birthday is Sunday. She has been gone two + years. Went looking for a nice  picture to post of her Sunday. Then finding the pictures of when family came to visit for our 50th Anniversary,
started the journey back in time.

I was saddened to remember one brother and wife did not make the event nor any of his children. We were blessed to have all my other siblings visiting and sharing memories.

With brother bringing Mother to attend we were able to share more with Mom and she shared lots with us. Things we never remembered after we did them and moved on in life until she spoke of the incident.

We were laughing so much in the pictures, some that could have been awesome showed the mirth that was abound.

It was a mending of the soul in many ways and heart wrenching in others.

Our event was Hawaiian in theme and our neighbors came also.  We have lived here since 1970, so they are like extended family to us who are all away from our original home areas.  We were mostly military related people purchasing homes in this area.  We have four families on the block that are sharing our past with us, still and 2 more that are almost that long ago.

Our children went to school together, not always the same grade but the same school. Many of the families all went to the same church in the area and shared rides with each other.

We buried a dear young lady when McDonald's Massacre happened.  We still think of this family, though they moved away due to the grieve it created in that large family.  Our entire community was devastated by that horrid act.

We recently lost a young man of our neighbors he was 59. He was 16 or so when they moved here.
As I said our families share in times of fun and need.

We  even hear by mail from two of the long time neighbors after they retired.  So we can still share about the families at different gatherings.

In many ways our community became a loose bound family.  The pictures of the Anniversary brought it all back so vividly and some of those people have passed on since too.  We still talk and speak to the children and try to support their needs. That is what a community ie family does.

Wanted to share the pictures but they are on a disc and can not remember or figure how to get them off.

Many pictures I had thought to throw away, am thinking of keeping because we are sharing laughter so hard we have tears in our eyes. Yes, men and women and boys and girls all sharing at our incidents of the past that Mom was so eager to share.  Sure wish she was hear to share more of them.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Love you Mom  Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones.

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