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Surnames Infused Into Sanford Hoffman Family

Surnames Infused Into Sanford Hoffman Family

Way behind on 52 weeks of family names, but trying to catch up.

Henry Huffman 1803-1879 Greene Co. PA
married in Greene Co. PA? data on old computer.
Elizabeth Higgins  1809-1877

One of his son's  Sanford Hoffman b 24 Nov 1834 Greene Co. PA  died 17 June 1903 Moravia, IA
 He marries Rachel Plants  1836- -1920, daughter of George Plants and Catherine Stollar Plants.
She was born in Greene Co. PA and dies in Moravia, IA.

They leave a deceased child in the Windy Gap Cemetery, today next to her grandparents.
1.   Priscilla Jane Hoffman.
The other children were:
 2.  Franklin Marion b 26 June 1860 Greene Co. PA dies June 1940 Wheatland, Wyo. marries Samantha Abigail Duvall of PA and dies Ia.  descendant of Moreen Duvall of Middle Plantation.**
3.  Jarvis Leroy b 8 Sept 1862 Greene Co. PA dies 28 April  1915 Iowa, marries Melissa Stoops.
I have his picture.
4.  Oliena Delilia   b 26 August 1864 Greene Co. PA death 3  April 1935 Iowa married to James Hampton***
Having known her grandchildren, more information on them.
5.  Elizabeth C  b 12 August 1866 Greene Co. PA dies 4 June 1891 Iowa never married.
6.   Harvey    b-d  never married.
7.   Mary Hannah b 26 Mar 1869, Greene Co. PA marries Andrew Faber *

Having pictures of all the above children.  I may have pictures of George Plants and Catherine Stollar Plants and others.  Have pictures of Henry and Elizabeth, Sanford and Rachel and children.

Others unnamed in book Grandad could not remember their names later in life, when I was small he would name them off like nothing flat, to myself and 2 cousins.


** my family's line.
*   Charles, Vaughn and Mindy and family Faber
*** son Great Uncle Jasper J. Hampton m Grandma Inez Scott Hoffman Sister, Ella. (Fern) Scott
their brother marries Great Uncle Bob Hoffman and Grandad Hoffman's sister Grace Hoffman.
USCity Directories on Ancestry shows Jasper  1957 Casper, Wyo.  I visited him there in 1958. and 1954.
Earliest shows Jasper J Hampton Casper Wyo 1943.Was a Carpenter

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  1. For all whom read this. 2. is Franklin Marion Hoffman. Cornelius is the middle name of John Scott on Inez SCott family.

    I have to find what caused this error. Think it happened in Picture book data. I have corrected this here. Danita, thank you for catching this.