Monday, July 7, 2014

Abraham YOUNG Piscataquis Co. ME

Abraham D Young Sr b 3 Oct 1784 Andover Essex Co. Mass d 15 May 1857 Piscataquis Co. Maine, USA 
Hannah Wright b 11 Mar 1781 Lewiston, Androscoggin Co. Maine died 25 Dec 1863 Guilford, Piscataquis Co. Maine. 

 Her parents were Jesse WRIGHT  1749- 1784 and Abbey COOK WRIGHT 1739-1784  

 Abraham and Hannah Wright Young 's children

Vital REcords of Guilford, Maine. Genealogy archives

Abraham D. Young, born in Andover, Ms., October 3rd, 1784
Hannah, his wife, born in Lewiston, March 11th, 1781

Anna J. Young, born in Lewiston, December 1st, 1803
Jonathan W. Young, born in Lewiston, October 12th, 1805
George W. Young, born in Avon, December 11th, 18O7
Hannah Young, Jr., born in Avon, December 1st, 1809
Abraham D. Young, Jr., born in Avon, April 23rd, 1812   moved to Illinois and then Iowa (my Line).
Elmira Young, born in Avon, April 12th, 1814
Elvira Young, born in Avon, May 29th 1816
Rolla Young, born in Avon, July 11th, 1818 Young
Joseph Young, born in Philips, April 18th, 1820
Julia Young, born in Guilford, October 20th, 1823

P163  ie pge 64  Pge 126  also

Attempting to Verify that Abraham YOUNG Jr. ,  Rev War Bounty Applicant is father of Abraham Young SR. Cumberland Pensioner Act.

Also looking for the ancestors of Jesse WRIGHT and Abbey COOK  Wright.

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