Monday, July 14, 2014

Semi Random Research ALLEN

My first name of Allen is living and adopted so data will not go here.

My second name of Allen, is Hannah she is the wife of Joseph Ridgeway.

 Joseph and Hannah Allen had Abigail Ridgeway whom married Josiah HAINES.
These are Maryland and New Jersey lines. Have not tracked farther back in a long time.

 I have data on old computer for this family.  So the  Reunion program here is not filled out.

 All this data is in PAF for MAC and when I asked at the LDS Library how to get it converted they
 looked at me like I had lost my mind. I even have a copy on a disc 3 x3.  I made back ups so it would          be taken with me in case of fire.  Alas I can not read it now without resetting up the older computer.

Polly Allen is next as wife of Samuel Jones b 9 Nov 1762. He is son of Silas Jones (SR) and Susanna Sweet.  I see descrepancy in his birth date, mmmm wonder which document is correct.  Samuel Jones 8 Dec 1777 East Greenwich, RI.  Two records in confilct. But his is brother to my ancestor so will not panic.

Nora Naomi Anderson wife of Nicholas Fabor, father of Andrew (Andy) Fabor.  Great Uncle Andy married my Great Aunt Mary Hannah Hoffman. Sister to my Great Grandfather Franklin Marion Hoffman, son of Sanford Hoffman born Huffman and changed name and son of Henry Huffman changed name to Hoffman, son of Henry Huffman/Hoffman dcd 1811/12 Dec/Jan probate read.
This goes back 3 more generations.

Fred Apel, wife of Jennie Jones b 1847 in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY, on the 1850 census. She died 28 Feb 1874.  Jennie is Calvin Fay JONES sister. Both are downline of Silas Jones and Susannah Sweet Jones.  Calvin is my Great Grandfather and CW Vet. served from ILL.


  1. Susi, you might consider buying the Reunion software which is designed for doing genealogy on a MAC. Here's the url for the company's site:
    Maybe you could write to them and see if its possible to download your PAF for MAC using Reunion.

    1. Janet S I have Reunion on my computer since Paf for Mac went away. I will try your suggestion Thank you very much.