Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Walk Down Memory Lane, My Answer to Thomas

A Walk Down Memory Lane,  My Answer to Thomas

Wow,  what a memory this creates.  O yes, I was, Was very proficient on my first computer.
It was a Mac LC11. I was one of the volunteers that Montgomery Junior High School had trained to help the teachers, teach computers to the students.  Yes, there was a day I knew what I was doing.

The computers the school used was a few years older than my first purchase. But the system worked and I knew my way around it.

It was bigger and  boxier than the one I own.  It had a 4 ? inch platform and a big box sat on top.
We had standard sized key boards.

For me it was a dream come true. I knew it could help me doing research for reports and charts and many things the open market was using them for.  I was so ready to learn this and help the school move the students forward.

It was fun.  We all had a few problems working the programs to start.  Some the Apple Company had to fix. Ironic, if you get enough people on the system the bugs will show up.

I can not remember the model of the one we had at Montgomery Junior High School but it was some time before I could afford one and then our son was told to start college he must have a computer for two classes. We took the plunge.  It was probably 7 or 8 years.

At the same time, husband was working for Otay Water Company and they were working on getting hand held for reading meters.  We all had fun.

Today I hear (?) they drive the trucks down the street and the computer reads the meter from the trucks.
My husband walked many miles every day reading meters. Up Dictionary Hill and down and all about the region that the Water Company covered.  He braved dogs and shotguns and irate customers and friendly ones too.

The  Water District's & School District's Computers in the 70's was a huge monster and took up rooms of space. Of course, we know that today you can get them wrist watch size.  So spy people say.  I am still using an Apple computer and my entire system is right behind the screen I read or write from. No monster on the floor or on the desk beside the screen.

It  has an ironic twist because we were taught that we could be able to upgrade and change over time and not replace. Not true it advanced, so I am told so fast, that they do not upgrade you so you have the same program or system some times not even a year.

Not being a fan of fast changes,  I drag to buy new and do new systems.  Some of the new features are great some I do not think any of us normal (?) people need.  Sure it's a convenience.

How many of you could do most of the work on an Electric Typewriter?  I loved mine.
Understanding why writers, have back up typewriters in their cabins and away places so the creative juices can still flow with out electricity.

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