Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why Did You Join Your Society?

This has been a very hot topic around our board table lately. It also seems to be a topic of interest to many others.

Gail Dever of Genealogy a la carte, wrote a blog post about it and ran a survey.

Survey results indicate genealogists join societies for camaraderie | Genealogy à la carte

She also listed 10 topics that factor into the reasons.

I found it very interesting and maybe be helpful in planning future events.

With a society of over 80 people and only 30 to 40 attending any given event, it concerns me greatly.

As Educational Chairperson, we have in the society: done survey's, varied our speakers, have a newsletter ( which I think is very good), Research Group Meeting monthly, Computer Group Meeting monthly, workshop meetings twice a month (two other libraries) within the area, arrange field trips to FHC's,  & other libraries.

We have a call tree for reminders. We send notes when someone is down and needs a lift or been injured.  We try to assist in many various ways, yet attendance is in my eyes dismal.

So do we just do social parties. We have terrific response for the Christmas Buffet, and Summer Picnic.
Yes, information is shared at these events also.

Speakers work hard to put together a good program for members to be educated and learn more information but when a small handful show up, it is definitely a sad moment for our group.

I am quietly hearing this in more than one society, what are we to do?

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