Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our Family's Reconnecting via Facebook, Hoffman, Fry, Plantz, Duvall, etc, Greene Co., Pa

 Today we are doing things differently. Sharing with you all the fabulous way a web page on Facebook can bring family, close and distant back together.  No, it is not as good as going there but it is close.

We are not fighting traffic, air fares, unnamed streets and roads, we are just posting our names and sharing pictures and soon find that many missing links are being filled in and we have a better understanding of our family.

In some ways it is better.  We can communicate with each other whether we are five miles apart of 2,000 miles apart.  We can share a coffee or cocoa or tea, and discuss what we have and have not.

The faces we are naming and the sharing is awesome.  We are seeing cemeteries repaired and others helping with costs if not near, we are seeing headstones replaced, we are seeing records shared and the list just goes on.

If you have a Greene Co. Pennsylvania name or even Fayette, Washington and Morgantown, WVa
area kin they probably have relations in Greene County, maybe even in the early beginning when it was Virginia.

Come join us we may be harboring your missing kin.

This area was Indian land then claimed by Virginia and as the Virginian's moved up and over across the land Pennsylvania wanted to claim it. Finally Pennsylvania succeeded, there by causing a mass movement of Greene County, etc area people to move over into Ohio.  Several members of the Huffman, Duvall, and other families did this.  George Huffman had  bought land in Ohio, but died before a move. I was tracking a piece of land that I think was Henry's also but never finished it.
I do know that the land his brother George sold him in Virginia was true because Henry sold in in Greene Co. PA in 1805.

Many of the families you can not locate are just over the river to the west I have learned. In Monroe, Belmont and Guernsey County's, Ohio for starts and some are up off the Lake Erie. One even bought an island for his home.

At the start of the CW then this area to the south became known as West Virginia separate from Virginia due to beliefs about the War Cause.   Major tobacco growers felt they were being discredited and wanted things changed and then slavery was brought into it because that is what they used to grow and cultivate the Tobacco.  (Yes, there are many other reasons, but for all I have read, that is what I got out of the horrid destruction of families and what they owned north and south.)

Many lines in this area had kin on both sides of the war. It was devastating at best.

So pick up William Dollarhide's books, and read about the migration trails west and then realize that
is why Pittsburg, was called the Jumping Point West, in several books.

Greene County sets in the bottom sw corner of state, Ohio to the west across the Ohio R, and West Virginia on the west and south, Fayette County to the east, Washington County to the north which is south of Pittsburg, which was Allegheny  County. Maryland set near to this county, next to West Virginia of today.

Early it was many other counties but most of us come in when it was Westmoreland County, then gradually, the  break down to what we have today.  It was under the control of the most western county at each development of the new county in Pennsylvania. People were not supposed to go there according to Pennsylvanians.  Virginian's were there already.

Virginia's rules from the Crown were different than Penn's for Pennsylvania and no Virginian wanted the taxation and other rules according to the books I have read.

Greene County was made up of Indians, Trappers, Guides and Fur traders early, then settlers poured in from Virginia, Maryland, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Also a few New Yorker's are there early.

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