Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sunset at Home Valley Ford, CA. 2008


This shows the peak of the barn built in 1854. Chiseled into the side of the wall on the inside of the barn.  The family lived in the barn until the home was built.

The tree in the foreground was what I always called my Tree. It is what is left of the Cyprus trees that created a wind break from the ocean air and winds to protect, the fruit trees in the front yard that was created by Luther Burbank. They were kept cut short and thick like a wind break.  Suddenly Mom decided they had to go for fear of fire.  Yes. they were getting in very dry state.

 As they died we pulled them out. All of them were pulled but this one and the two chairs. There were  three trees, then there was one.
  But mine was left.  No idea if still there but figure it is gone now.

Removing the shrubs that grew to trees gave the home a huge cool breeze and we had trouble keeping home warm in winter with the fire place.

Two were carved into large giant chairs for Mom and her friend to set in.

Am missing my home and family.

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