Sunday, May 24, 2015

Honoring our Own, More Current Names

If I start with WW11 and come forward the list is not  to long if I start with the development of the country my list would be long and not complete because some I do not know if served yet.

WW11 Veteran's: Gerold O. JONES USN, Joseph Collins, USA, Aubie D. Cooper Jr. USA,  all dcd

My Dad  Ray Dee Jones Sr was a Coast Watcher, as was his Brother-in-law Camillo Morelli.  both dcd
Uncle Camillo's boys Robert Morelli,  USAF and Donald Morelli, USN

Uncle Pete ( Aubie D) boy Aubie D Jr served. I am not sure about James the other brother. I am not sure about Lester Match either, cousin Bethel's husband.

My brother Ray Dee Jones Jr  USA, Vietnam,  in land Vietnam.
Nephew Jason Jones USA   Iraq ? etc and National Guard before that.

My husband Fred E Pentico USN,  end of Korea, Vietnam, aboard plane and on ground.
His brother James Pentico, USA,

Our son Donald P Pentico, USN  Mid East aboard ship, many places.
Nephew, son of Sis.
Wayne Wright USA, Egypt etc.

His nephew in Marines now: Brian WRIGHT

 Pentico related

Husband's side:    William Howard Pentico in  Italy,  Uncle, dcd killed there, a cousin in Western Campaign, buried Punch Bowl.

 Fred's  Cousins
Richard Thomas, USAF, John Thomas, USA, Keith Thomas, USMC. unknown about Marvin and
Charles Madden, USA, Robert Madden, USN
Richard Jipp, USA?

Charles Hendricks USA, Guadacanal,  cousin

My Mom's side:
William  Richard Hoffman, USA served under Gen. Eisenhower, also a paratrooper.

Martin Parrish, my Aunt Marie's husband served USA.dcd

Uncle Roy( Donald LeRoy) Hoffman, USA  dcd  WW11
step son Joe  was in USN.  during Korea.
Richard Hoffman  my cousin, USA, Sept 2014, dcd

Uncle Fred Feil, USA  wife of Ruth Hoffman  dcd  WW11

Gerald Feil  USAF,  Vietnam
Kenneth Feil, USN, Vietnam

Dad's side

Cousin Kenneth FOULK and brothers Keith and Clint Foulk all served between Army and Navy.

Ira Foulk served if brain is working I have a picture of him in uniform.  (cousin I am still looking for it. I inherited G A Alvina's pictures.) USA WW1

I was told that LaMont's Jones boys served in War.  Still researching this line. He had several boys.
I am sure at least two served.

Alva Jones served shows on his college papers.

Mom's side Scott's:

Ivan Scott USN, double cousins,  Daryl Scott served USMarines, Dean Scott, USN I think I have forgotten what uniform  he wore. Thomas Scott, USN? Vietnam service some Korea for older boys.

I grew up with them.

Many family members for Civil War: and ancestors of them in the Revolutionary War. Not to forget the War of 1812.  

We have come from a long line of Patriotic Americans, I hope the younger generations are as stalwart as the older generations.

Blessings on you all.

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