Friday, July 10, 2015

Found Another JONES, or The Writer Found Me.


 A few years back I found someone writing about a Jones surname and we attempted to put the pieces together.  He found me because he was doing research on a place called Crystal Lake, Michigan.

With my tree posted here, there and yonder he felt we could swap information and learn more.

We talked on the phone and emailed for at least 3+ years and probably was 5.  Time just marches past me anymore.

When in Michigan this June, he called and said his book was ready for purchase. I had it sent to my Michigan address, was able to share with family there.  Hoping to look at this place some time in the future.

The person whom created the uproar actually is kin, either my ancestors brother or first cousin.
I am still not sure which son had my NOEL JONES b 1785 ish in NY near Albany. Research showed we are from Silas JONES SR back to Teague JONES Sr and Ruhamah Samoset JONES.  DNA backs up the research done by many besides self.

 What was so fascinating was to read this persons life and where he lived and what he did and how he traveled and the fact that after leaving NY, he was never far from my ancestor Noyes JONES, Noel's son. He is even buried not far from him.  From New York to Iowa that is quite a distance to travel and have not known whom the other persons were.

More fascinating to me was that he spent a good period of time in the state of Michigan. The one big thing I have learned is, it was New Yorkers that created Michigan. This is the reason the library carries so much New York Research material.  After this person left Michigan he was in other states working his way to Iowa. He was in Illinois near Noyes Jones also.

Now my work is to figure out the actual relationship, brother or cousin.  Right now there are ten of us doing research on the Jones lineage.  Hopefully, someone will have the missing clue  to fill in the blank.

The book is "The Comedy of Crystal Lake, I. The Lowering of Crystal Lake, II.  The Biography of Archibald Jones" by Stacey Leroy Daniels

The relative is Archibald Jones Jr. . born 1811 Sept 14. Petersburg, NY.

 His Grandfather was NOEL (Nowell) JONES , b 1748 E Greenwich, RI. Grandmother was Millicent  WHITFORD Jones,
Father was Archibald Jones Sr, b 1784 Petersburg, NY. His Mother was Prudence SMITH,
much information on page 289- to end of book with many pages of sources given.

If interested in more information contact me.

Surnames mentioned are : Smith, Mead, Jones, Whitford, Needham, and many more.

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