Friday, July 31, 2015

New Names and News BAKER and LEEK with our TUTTLE

Baker, Leek and our Tuttle.

Well, this  has created a blizzard of matches on  I first did Tuttle in the late 50's with MOM and a book in a Library. Then again I worked with a cousin in the late 1970's to update the files.

Now those files on computer in garage and what I had on disc can not be played to read.  Yes I backed it up and saved it twice. Had probably 20,000 names on that system. Hubby was overseas a lot and I had time when kids were sleeping or going to library to acquire books to read to garner my own books.

Abigail's relation to you: Direct ancestor (9 generations)

8 new Smart Matches were found in Archer Web Site / Edlin_Archer Tree, a family tree of 7,477 people created by Annette Archer-Whitmarsh from Great Britain and last updated on March 3 2015.

With the help of other researchers it appears it will go back even farther.    I am overwhelmed and thrilled to be able 
to put some data back that went away so long ago.   
It also shows we go back much farther with the names of Leek and Allen.

It seems I may end up with more Allen in our lines.  This is  Mom's side of family, but Dad has Allen's in his Jones files related also.   Another name mentioned is Woodruff and Smith.  

So  if you have not joined  you may want to take a double look at it. says I have 621 smart matches.  I have had to not agree with some of 30 the other day.
Will probably not agree with a small percentage of these suggested matches also but compared to another
group I am doubly thrilled.  Hope you will find me as a cousin of distance and maybe try a new site down the road.

Xmas is coming ask for it as Gift.

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