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Some SCOTTS that are tied to MORROW/TUTTLE

The interlinking of the lines. Over time the links may become more intense, it seems to be that way  in many of our lines.

 Thomas Scott b abt1730 probablyVA.? He married a Susannah (some say Lurannah) he died in Halifax Co. VA.  I have his Will.  In Will it looks like Susannah but  I post both for those still not concuring.  He passed in 1767 in Halifax Co. VA.

Before we go farther one needs to realize where he lived became a split and was called Pittsylvania about the time of his death.  A cousin did a great book on these Scott's of ours but couldn't find the Will due to it being in county of Origin instead of current placement. So grateful for the work Mr. Kenneth Scott did.

A reference was made to his being born in Orange Co. VA. but not source given.

He had several children, we descend from John.

John was born about 1761 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.  He served in the Military about 1778.

1778  5th Regiment of the Virginia Continental Line; Capt James Williams Company  
LIsted in DAR Records     Military discharged from the Miltary 1782 

John Scott married Saphira Murry February 28, 1782 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Pittsylvania Co., Va Marriages 1767-1850
Transcribed from Microfilm Records #0033326
             Family History Library
It seems the family said Sophia more than Saphira.

 John Scott's Rev. War pension file has a Charles Thurman who makes oath to the service of John Scott in the Rev. War. 17 Jan. 1832 in Cumberland Co. File states that John Scott in 1832 living in Burkesville.  William Scott son of John Scott testifies as to the death of his father and that his mother has not remarried. 23 Sep. 1843 William also states that he was borned 1783.   Washington Watson a  justice of the peace is with William on behalf of John Scott. Nancy Murray, sister to Sophia Murray (widow), was married to Joshua Watson in 21 Nov. 1799.   There are three daughters unnamed
Source: History of John Scott 1761-1843, by Kenneth Scott and Rev War File Claim Number: W.3046

When John Scott resided in Pittsylvania County, VA, he enlisted in 1779. He served until 1783 as a private in Captain James Williams' company, in Colonel Josiah Parker's Virginia regiment. John fought in the Siege of York. He applied for pension on May 13th, 1829. At this time he lived in Cumberland County, Kentucky. His claim was allowed. After John died, his widow received benefits on this claim. John Scott's pension claim number is W.3046.

Much more data available on John Scott. Our line goes to Shadrack Scott b 1790 Pittsylvania Co., VA married 1815 in KY to Harriet Lewis b 1 May 1798 in VA death in IA. Shadrack died in Iowa, Henry Co. 11 Nov 1850. Some of us have Harriet Lewis Scott's picture.

Much sourcing also on Shadrack, census records show in 1830 in Sangamon, ILL with Dallas Scott.
So some of the stories are being proven also. Benjamin Scott is there also. Dallas Scott was also there then.

1840 Census shows them in Henry Co. IA  
1840 Henry CO Iowa terr.  1 1 1 1  1--1 /11  ---1---1 under 5  under 10 f  40 50 female  80-90 female 

1850 Shadrack passes on age 60,  11 Nov 1850. 

Picutre filed on http://susischattyperformances.blogspot.com/2010/04/harriet-lewis-wife-of-shadrack-scott.html

John Cornelius Scott was born 27 Sept 1817 in Kentucky,  We have him  born in Cumberland Co. 
 John C marries 25 Mar 1841 Henry Co. IA to Rebecca Morrow, whose mother was Patience Tuttle and father John Morrow.

They have according to my records 9 children: Cornelius Franklin is my Great Grandfather.
Cornelius F Scott marries Ella WARDEN.  They have several children, one being my Grandmother Inez Mae Scott b 6 October 1892 Taylor Township, IA. and dies 14 Nov 1961 in Wheatland, Wyo.

I saw her last home of residence when in Wheatland last September. She married Grandad Cecil Leroy (Lee) Hoffman and moved from Iowa to Wyoming prior to 1920. Mom and her sister Ruth were born in WYO. Not sure about Uncle Dick.  I need to ask him.

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