Sunday, August 9, 2015


TALK ABOUT EXCITED, if your  following the JONES SAGA, my distant cousin Shirley Becker called me and she found another link to our line of JONES and our line of SWEET. We may be related about 6 times.  Anyone out there have data on FEAR JONES, she married a SWEET?

Wondering how a table describes that situation.

Many years ago in the GOLDEN GATE FORUM, I met a distant cousin whom was not so Distant on some lines.  We linked on 13 lines and we said we were more like brother and sister. Peter Armstrong where are you?

Now that Facebook is on line they have a site for Greene County Connections for Pennsylvania and almost all on that group are linked in one way or another.  Mom's family from all sides came from there back into the 1770's. So the links and lines are there.  Her family or part of her family left in 1879 or so to go to Iowa.  Many, many of them stayed, truly more stayed than left.  Three Hoffman/Huffman children came to Iowa.  One Duvall line and probably more came to Iowa.
Many more also.

There are many,many search sites on Facebook. Some are via counties, some states, some by surnames, some by societies and some even by chuches, so look there for clues.

(98) Greene Connections  YOU need invited but it is not hard to join. Just let them know whom you are linked to.

I belong to many sites for Pa, some for NY and some  for MD and some for VA. Also Moravia, Iowa, where they landed when they stopped traveling.

Now I am wondering about that one JONES in Greene Co that was from New York, could he also be related.  ha ha ha ha no I have enough of them.

I have JONES from Maryland married to Duvall in Greene Co. PA.

I have JONES from Dauphin Co area of old married into the FOULK/MYERS kin.

Also JONES relates to POWELL in Greene Co. PA.

No, no, no I am  not  doing my Smiths.  LOL.

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