Saturday, May 21, 2016

Comillo Morelli my Aunt Etta Maxine JONES husband.

Happy Birthday to you Uncle Comillo Morelli.  You drift into my mind more often than you probably thought you ever would.

Bob, Don and Mike, yes we lived close enough and shared enough that your family holds a special place in my heart and mind.

Don I loved the book Aunt Etta wrote you sent me. Sad someone destroyed so many of her pages.

Mike are you still on the ranch playing with the olive trees that now grow there?  I miss you dropping by when I would go to Mom's and sharing a meal.

Bob need to get caught up on your family.  Seems we are loosing touch with our younger generation and DAD worked hard to pull this family together.  Never found what happened to the salt and pepper shaker sets that represented your parents married life. Joan maybe you said did you ask?

I spoke to Young Pete Cooper a couple weeks back. Was awesome, not spoke to him since he was a teen and Uncle Pete was stationed down the coast from Dad's.  I found some of their family on Facebook.  Of course Aden was born same day Don was so Aunt Bethel kept in touch with us for ever and with her passing last spring.  It is like I hear from no one.  Aunt Muril went the year before.

I speak on Facebook to Melody, Ken, Brenda and Shannon.  No word on Terry?

I see Cookie and Lou on Facebook at times. Called Jim a year ago. Georgia still out there
lots of bad weather for Jim.

Sis was here last November.  I was at Dale's the fall before for my cousins memorial. I hear from Marty about twice a year.  I talk to Rebecca at least once a week generally. I hear from Richard when he can call without out troubles. No word from the 111rd.

Don where are your children?  See what I mean we have so lost touch with our very own cousins.

Dad worked to hard for this to happen.

I think of Granda often she was a marvelous human. Remember making hoar hound candy in the fall with her for family to have cough drops.  We put the wax paper around the drops and then in the jars for her.

I remember the car with the rumble seat and if good we could ride in it to her house once in  a long while.

Remembering your Grandmother with her stern and rigid demeanor. Never learned if she was loving or just that way.  Loved your brothers they were always friendly and kind.

Remembering one flew his plane over the place and waved his wings. Trying to remember which one it was.  WW2 was a not fun time for family. But you met my Aunt, Uncle Pete met my other Aunt and Uncle Joe met my other Aunt.   Uncle Gerald met Aunt Jennie, only Dad was in the Coast Watch as was you after your service. Uncle Gerald was at in the Navy.

What marvelous military men you were.  Thanks for your service.


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    1. A mini Memorial for some of my deceased family members. I miss them each and everyone.