Friday, May 20, 2016

Ready for Good Vibes ???

Recently, things have been a bit strained.  Some great finds in our family and positive things are happening.  I so hate to say, But, life sometimes tries to get in the way.

I found this site that is about positive things and events and sayings and places.

GOODVIBES Magazine  brought to you by Goodnet

It this week was listed 11 of the most Beautiful Libraries in the world.  Yes, I said Libraries and since we are highlighting Libraries this year I thought everyone might like a gander at this link.

Sure hope it works

11 of the Most Beautiful Libraries Around the World

Another article to read.

 Yes we do read lots and lots of books

The last one for this evening.

Here is hoping these can lift you up as they are attempting to help me.

Have fun researching and reading.

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