Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jones Family Photo's 1943-1946

These photos shared by my Sis Roberta Jones Wright Davis.

She is the dark haired little girl standing near me on the Moretti Ranch. The distant white buildings near the hills were chicken houses for they were a dairy ranch and Chicken Ranch.  This was during
the time that Petaluma, Ca was known as the EGG CAPITOL OF THE  WORLD.

There are sheep eating the grass near the tire swing that I used often when I played.  I was near
6 years at the time the top one was taken.

Ollimac Diary  our first home in CA.

The bottom picture is the a ladino (meadow) between our homes and  the dairy barn where the cows were milked.  The  building beyond the fence was a pump house for water. This  picture was taken
at my Aunt Etta Jones Morelli's and Uncle Comillo Morelli's. Both ranches were off the edge of Red Hill Road going west towards the beach on the coast and the Cheese factory. Which last I heard was still functioning.

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