Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Other Night We Felt the Change wonder if Mr Plants Could Feel These Changes

Tis the time of year when we start to feel the tinge of fall beginning. The heat has been so strong and
the humidity the wildest. It has been a long time since our summer has been like this. I would go back at least 25+ years.

Stepping out to get a breath of cooler air the other evening I felt the tingling of the fall air. Asking hubby to go out and see if it was real. He said yes, we are counting down the summer days  to fall and winter.

The sun was going down over a pine tree in the back yard now it is settling almost on the  roof of the house just behind us a noticeable difference.  The sun comes up in a different positions so I do not open morning drapes until sun higher in the sky and the tree blocks the direct rays.

Are you seeing a difference in your neighborhood?  I am told the days are also getting shorter for day light.  Yes, wish we used a natural calendar and not this crazy time that confuses our body.


This is our Ancestor George P Plants . 

He died in Iowa was born in Washington Co.  PA 
His wife was Catherine Stollar born in Schuykill Co. PA

This line brings in the Ely as Catherine's mother 
And the Strohchnieder line also.

His father was Christian Plants  /z
His mother was Catherine Haines

Christian's father was Leonhardt Plants/ Plantz w wife Margaretta

Catherine Haines parents were Josiah Haines and Abigail Ridgeway

Abigail Ridgeway 's parents were Joseph Ridgeway and Hannah ALLEN.

Josiah Haines parents were Caleb HAINES and Sarah BURR.

 I have it much farther back in some lines.

 I post this so Wayne Wright can see his duel ancestor.  When you follow this back you connect to the Wrights line Wayne is part of.

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