Monday, July 11, 2016

Mary "Polly" Higgins born Henderson Found?

Mary "Polly" Higgins born Henderson Found?

 This comes with great joy and trepidation. In 1993, I heard that Elizabeth HIGGIN"s mother was Mary Henderson.  But could not find any clues. Yes, I looked and asked for about 3 years and laid it aside, many more names to search.

Considering that Elizabeth Higgin's her daughter whom married Henry Huffman/HOFFMAN b 1803 in Greene Co. PA named first child Mary.

That is many times a clue to her mother's first name.

But that Mary Hoffman married a John Henderson.  So more confusion to add to the mix.
This is Zenia Gilbert's line down to herself and Violet Gilbert and others

So I saw papers on her father Capt. John Henderson and he fought in the Rev War. So I am already able to verify some of this correct.    His papers give us George Henderson as his father.
Back two generations with the help of  

Lots of bits and pieces to track down and check out but so interesting to learn was John Henderson whom married Mary Hoffman a 2nd cousin? Somehow I think they are going to link up.

Now to see if I can locate John Henderson's Will dcd 1813  born 1740.

1. this was Sanford's oldest sister

2. duel Henderson's implied.

3. not the first time in this time era for family

4. hoping some of you may have more knowledge to share.

5. need to see if Zenia has a picture of Mary. I have one of Sanford.  I think Mom had them but I  left them on the bench at Mom's no idea if brother kept them.

 Lots of family kin on this site of Greene Co. PA.

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