Saturday, January 14, 2017 has a new idea... Fuller to Wood and all in between

Now how do we know for sure this is real.

I know I have done the research back on the Fuller line.

Some work on the Bonham Line. See need to do more since a new link to 

Never ending lines to check out.

Carol Ann Wood is Susi Pentico's 11th cousin!

Susi Pentico 

Ray Dee Jones
your father

Victoria Mae Jones
his mother

Margaret Mae Foulk
her mother

Lydia Eastman
her mother

Prosper Trowbridge
her father

Lydia Tracy
his mother

Hezekiah Tracy
her father

Mary Fuller
his mother

Samuel Fuller, Jr.
her father

Samuel Fuller, Lt.
his father

Hannah Bonham
his daughter

Jemima Cowgill
her daughter

Alice Fuller
her daughter

Linna Lea Wood
his daughter

Carol Ann Wood 
her daughterNow 

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