Sunday, January 29, 2017

We're Related Application

 Have you tried this Application?

  Has it expanded your research or lead you astray? Do you find it fun and exciting or just another activity to check out?

  I have had several potential hits, some have been on people we already knew we were related.
  Some have been on another line not checked that far.

  Having several that look very promising and a few that leave me scratching my head.

  I am so fascinated by the potential links.  But famous people leaves me in middle ground.

  Love being suggested that I link with some musicians. Even more excited to meet people that are
  also related to people on the same line.

  Drives me frantic when I accidentally deleted?? a cousin whom we have known were cousins for
  about 20 years. I apparently hit that little sign that moves them off the board. I have no idea how to
  get her back.  The interesting thing was it was a completely different line for linking and it was

  How do you get them back? Having even punched all the other buttons but stayed away from that up sign.

   Thinking this was created to get more people working at Ancestry or genealogy in general.

   At least it keeps people coming back and trying to see what the newest link may or may not be.

   We're Related is a fascinating activity.  It definitely has people talking.  

   Some times being related to a famous President, or musician or actor/actress can be fun.
   Other times people say no way.

   Remember we get to choose our friends but our relatives, our ancestors gave us.

  If you have a cell phone or I Pad or Notepad,  get the App from your App store and see what you    can find out about your tree and your collateral cousins from your ancestors.

  Having connected as close as 5 and as distant as 9 it has been fun.


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