Saturday, January 21, 2017

We're Related App and data

Having had for several  years I never realized how important? their (  lineage out to someone could be.  My recent adventure gave me a response from person I linked to.  It made it real.  Also of course, the person was alive.

We're is fun and fascinating.  I think was not getting as many people digging in their data and wanted to get more people to be more active.  What better way than offering you a potential link to someone famous  (?) .  Now that is going to be interesting because many, so called famous people do not rock my boat, so to speak.

We also have to remember we can choose our friends but our relatives we can not change.

The color of skin does not bother me, I have alway said you could be green and purple with pink polka dots and it would not bother me but your attitude will put me on alert in a heart beat.

Having found some interesting ancestors on my own, it is fun to see what else would pop up.

Having had this idea in my head for more than 30 years, I am having fun seeing if it is somewhat truthful in fact.   You meet someone and you feel so connected, a friendship develops and you draw closer than originally expected with delight.

Now 20 years later with an unusual event or activity you find that their background is shared by your background.  You dig and suddenly find they are distant cousins.

I went to high school with a descendant of a distant ancestor, was that ever a surprise.  Tomales High School.
Now I wonder if a dear acquaintance from St. Vincent's High School would bring the same results.
She was much like a sister, even closer at times. Lorretta Ferreria where are you? Of course you are married and have had children because Dad talked to you on the street in Petaluma, Ca pre 1996. He said you lived in Santa Rosa then.

When we (CVGS) members started the society. There were 8 people involved, of the 8, 6 of us all came, ancestrally,  from the same County and State.  After a couple of lunches and shared chatting we were all 6 from the same family in Greene Co. PA.  We were all cousins, The odds of that happening have to be weird.  There is something about bonding that seems to draw relatives to relatives. I am the last one of those 6 still living now.  We started meeting in the early 80's and knew we were kin by 1983.
We were lucky because some of them worked at the library where I frequented with my children for homework. We learned we all wanted to create a society that the neighborhood did not have.  It did not happen quickly it took 10 years before we had enough members to get the state papers in 1993.

If life gave me the time I would like to see how each of our close acquaintances are related.

Chuckling my distant cousin and dear friend, we met at church and Altar Society Meetings in the 1970's, we always kept in touch. She even came and worked at CVHS with me a few years. Later we discussed some of our surnames and found we shared many same names, places, times and events.

So we dug and found we are kin on two lines and probably 5.  Another person shared much and we learned we are cousins two different ways so far.  Another member has at least 3 lines that interlink with mine.

Have you ever given it thought that your dear friend may have been from past ancestors and family?

Would love to hear some feed back. Thanks

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  1. As life keeps moving forward, we have found several members are truly 4 th to 7 th cousins or more. Was surprised no one picked up on this one and commented any of their results.