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Noel JONES b abt 1785 near Albany, New York.
Wife was Susannah, written in NOEL's hand in Court Records when he recorded my Ancestor's birth.


1. tombstone has wrong birth date if what NOEL JONES wrote in Court Records is correct which I believe is true.  Tombstone says 31 March 1808. Renssealer Co. NY
Court Records in his hand says 31 March 1809.
1810 census shows Noel and wife with one child under ten in census.
Never ever again to be found on census so far. NOEL JONES.
Some say he may have died with that epidemic in 1812 or so as did maybe his wife??
Nothing more concrete yet but lots of distant cousins have offered there opinions which I  appreciate because I try to see if they may be true.

2.  Family papers say married in Holyoke, Mass 1832.  So far no records found in Mass, VT or NY
 Family has always used this year as date of marriage.

3. First born child as known by myself and others was Henry George Jones 1834- 1912. Found some records implying he used George also.
(He married Kathryn Kerns.  They had children, She died 1890 and later he remarried.
His new wife’s name was Maude Mae Stephens,  in Iowa marriage records she is called Mac J Stephens.  Dad said she was Maude Mae others said Mary Jane Stephens?. She lived in Dyersville, Iowa. She married Henry Jones on 12-25-1891 at Manchester, IOWA.  Her first marriage  his second. Her family from England according to her great Grandaughter Carolin. *she has more records on her GGrandmother’s family.
Taken from  previous blog post.)
Children:  Elsie, Hubert and Jesse Marion. 
The child that intrigued me was the one married to a PLANTS, Jesse Marion.
Benice Ruth Plants 21 July 1901 Beaver, IA d 7 April 1984 Nashua, IA
They had Charles Edward and Alice Mae. 
I have Plants in my Mom's line also.  Charles Edward Jones b 1935 m Marlyss Mae Wilde.
Alice Mae Jones b 1938 m Derold Titus.  Wanting to learn more on these lines. 
My Dad knew Elsie Donalson  ie Mrs. John Miller.  
I have no data recorded on computer on Hubert. 

Looking forward to exchanging more data with Carolin Forbes.  


  1. Sperring family information is from the Sperring History compiled by Mrs. Norma Sperring Trew in Ocala, Florida, given to Alice Jones Titus.
    Joan Sperring married Joseph Stevens 22 Oct 1853 in Winscombe, Somerset, England. They had 5 children in England:
    1. Joseph J born 1854 England
    2. Anna Sperring born 21 Oct 1856 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England, died 30 June, 1947, was single, buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Nashua, Iowa. She shares a grave marker with her sister Mary Jane (called Mae J Jones on grave) and Mae's husband Henry Jones. Grave marker is on Find a Grave under Oak Hill Cemetery records under Henry Jones.
    3. Mary Jane, born 30 Nov 1858 in Axbridge, Somerset, England, married Henry George Jones (born 3 Sept 1934 New York, died 25 Sept 1912 Nashua, Iowa) 25 Dec 1891 (Henry's second marriage, his first to Kathryn Kerns in 1863 Iowa, Kathryn died in 1890), died 4 Oct 1934, buried Oak Hill, Nashua, Iowa. Mary Jane is also know as Maude Mae, also known as Mae J Jones (on her tombstone). These are my great grandparents. They had two children Hubert Noyes Jones (born 11 Jan 1892 Nashua Iowa died 24 Nov 1970 Marshall, MN) and he married Maren "Mary" Kristine Nielsen Vittrup born Rackety, Viborg, Denmark 4 April 1900, died 31 May 1953 Marshall, MN. Hubert and Maren had 3 children: Hazel Evelyn Jones born 2 March 1922 Arco, MN, died 8 Sept 1995 Baudette, MN; Ethel Bernice Jones born 15 Feb 1925 Arco, MN, still living (my mother); and Glenn Loren Jones born 27 Feb 1928 Marshall, MN, died 26 June 2014.
    Second child was Jesse Marion Jones born 11 Jan 1895, Nashua, Iowa, married Bernice Ruth Plantz 15 Oct 1932 Waverly, Iowa, had 2 children Charles Edward Jones 25 Feb 1935-living and Alice Mae Jones 8 Feb 1938, died 7 April 1984 Nashua, Iowa.
    4. Eliza Sperring, born 11 Dec 1861 in Winscombe, Somerset, England, married Albert Wall 3 Sept 1884, died 25 Oct 1925, buried Devoe, So Dakota.
    5. George, born 30 Oct 1864 Winscombe, Somerset, England.
    The family immigrated to the US in 1865 according to census records. The two sons Joseph and George are never listed in any of the US Census records, so may have died.
    There is more Sperring history (5 pages) going back to 1800 and also with descendants if interested.
    Carolin Forbes

    1. Maren "Mary" Kristine Nielsen Vittrup birth place should read Rakkeby (spell check!)