Saturday, June 10, 2017

Time for Dessert. two cousins found me today.

Two cousins found me today.  Actually it was three. But two I had lost and was glad to have found.
Delighted to have a new one found.

It affected Fred's Brown family, my Scott Family and  my Hoffman line.

Yes I also have Brown. And we are related to Fred's Browns.  

Rachel Plants Hoffman had siblings. one married into my husband's Browns.
Her sister Hannah Plants mar Mr. Clay Brown. If memory correct.
Some of these files I lost when back up drive died 2 winters ago.

This Brown family is related to Kimbroughs', Casper's, Tatum's, and Plants and many others not yet tracked.  His Brown's moved to northern CA and founded a  town.  I found one of the descendants today. Or they found me.  : > )

My new found Scott cousin is in Iowa.  I knew many of Grandma's siblings but two of them lived Iowa and there was minimal contact. Or it was lost when a death happened.

My new found Hoffman kin also relates to Nancy Ann Plants Huffman.

GGGrandma Rachel Plants Hoffman's family seems to blend nicely in with both my husband and my Mom's lines.

Huffman and Hoffman are same line. One changed spelling mid 1850s in Greene Co. PA.
Mason and Sanford were cousins as the wives were sisters.

Now if the LITTLE connection comes through it will be a bang up day. Thank You God.

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