Saturday, October 7, 2017

In Memory of my Cousin Stuart Jay Foulk

I could not make the trip to Arkansas to say Goodbye.  My heart was so heavy, I cried.

While at Mass today I remembered this cousin and wished him and his family a non heavy heart for he would not want us so sad.

 Stuart was born in 1956.  I was starting my Junior year of High School. He had an older brother which we had already shared time with. I baby sat him many days as he grew to a young man.

 His sister was born on our Dad's birthday the year of my marriage to my husband.

 I moved to Santa Clara to live with Aunt and Uncle and our cousins Ken and Dolly lived across town from them. I stayed with them when Ken was on the road driving bus. Having gotten to know them very well.  Lots of fun.

His sister was born and  I then married.   His sister was the first baby hubby ever held.  Dolly took a picture of the baby Silvia and Fred grinning and smiling at the wee one.

Our families were very close, his father was my Dad's cousin.  Grandma's nephew. Over the years we developed a closer relationship.

We always loved to stop at their home when migrating between San Diego and Santa Rosa area.
 It was either breakfast or supper and over night.

We lost him the other day.  Our children all remembered him well. One son talked about driving up and sharing time with him.  Another remembered him as so much fun.  

For a while we lost track of the children but not the parents. Having refound the children this was a terrific loss to us. O we did not loose them everyone was building families and exchanging Xmas cards and always chatting with his parents.

God please  take good care of his family and his friends. I am sure they are reeling from the sudden loss of such a terrific human.

To his wife and children may GOD give you Strength and remember you are not forgotten.

Our doors always open.

Today I also said  good bye to another cousin that was near here. Both very dear people in my heart. And our children's hearts.  Tomorrow I will write about him.

Yes I snagged this off his page to share it here. The picture says it all. Thanks Stuart for your friendship and  your love and giving us such great family to share with us.

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