Sunday, October 1, 2017

This Is How Complications Begin. Governor Winslow to self.

Josiah's relation to you: Grandmother's 1st cousin 8 times removed
Dorothy Inez JONES (born HOFFMAN)
your mother
Inez Mae HOFFMAN (born SCOTT)
her mother
Cornelius Franklin SCOTT
her father
Rebecca SCOTT (born MORROW)
his mother
Patience MORROW (born TUTTLE)
her mother
her father
Rebecca TUTTLE (born WASHBURN)
his mother
Ebenezer Washburn, Sr.
her father
Hannah(m59) Washburn (born Latham)
his mother
Susanna Latham (born Winslow)
her mother
John Winslow, Sr.
her father
Edward Winslow, [GOVERNOR]
his brother
Josiah Winslow
his son

I had the line back to Ebenezer Washburn Sr.  I had not worked it farther back.

I grew up where my 2nd and third cousins were as close as many peoples first cousins were or are.

They all lived in the same community and all shared all events together.

We used to do my Aunt Ruth Hoffman Feil, Uncle Comillo Morelli and my Dad's birthday all together.

Why Aunt's birthday, Dad's birthday the next day and Uncles was the next day.

We were all one family.

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