Wednesday, October 18, 2017



     Our  world came crashing down Monday evening when my cousin Shasta Foulk called with
more family news.  Being worried about his Mom our Great Aunt, asked, IS your Mom okay"?
He said yes she is fine. But he had bad, bad news.

    Silvia and Allen were returning from Stuart's funeral in Berryville, ARK.  they did not make it home.  She called me from Cheyenne, Wyo. about 7:30 probably a little later, Sunday evening,we talked for more than an hour, Allen, Silvia and I.   They were headed on home and it had started to snow.

Allen told me it was a light dry snow drifting around and not bad at all. I worried about 1-80 because of the wind and ice it gets in bad weather.  We talked about weather, and family event they had just left and their wants when they got home.

Silvia and I generally talked at least twice a week since her parents passed last summer in 2016.

She was going to send me an article when she got home.

A busy day Monday and I kept waiting for the phone to ring. Alas, it was cousin with the news in early evening.

LYMAN, Wyo. — Two Magic Valley residents died in a Monday morning crash in Wyoming.
Alan Peterson, 54, of Eden was driving west in a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup on Interstate 80 when his vehicle slid on an icy bridge deck of an overpass at the Lyman interchange, said Trooper Mike Adams of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. The pickup spun to the right and slid off the north side of the roadway and down an embankment, rolling several times. The pickup landed on its roof, between the interstate and the westbound on-ramp.
 You can look up the rest if you want it.  This had to have happened around 5 am or so. Since they were pulling out of rest area in Cheyenne around 10 pm maybe a little before 10.
My brother, his wife and other cousins went to the services in Hazelton, ID yesterday. 
17 October 2017 
Understanding it was a very nice event, with much family there.  
Wanting to visit remaining sibling soon. It is a day trip up the coast to the old homestead area before the family moving back to Wyoming to care for Dolly's  Mom. So long ago. We miss them all this family does. 
Our children socialized and shared with these deceased family members.
Rest In Peace, Stuart Foulk, Silvia Foulk Peterson and Allen Peterson

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